450 miles of deals
The first time Kim Wells of Dent went to the World's Longest Yard Sale, she and a friend "took off for a nice little outing" in her VW Cabriolet convertible to tool down U.S. 127 and hunt for bargains.

'Artist' sums up the man
Art dealer Carl Solway spent a lot of time hanging out with architect/philosopher/futurist Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983). Their friendship was motivation enough to launch a show on Fuller's work at Solway's gallery in the West End, but the exhibit was also timed to the July 12 release of a postage stamp honoring the inventor.

An elegant lady
Home Style: Beth Hoffman of Newport describes her Mamie as "strong and quiet ... no-nonsense and elegant." She's talking about her three-story ashlar stone house in Mansion Hill, built in 1902.

Summer festival guide
Eat well, make friends and celebrate traditions at churches, riverfronts and parks all season long.

Get to it
A guide to help you make your day.
TV Best Bets
The Early Word
American Idol Live
The reality-TV series American Idol pulled its best ratings yet in its third season. But that doesn't mean the touring version of the show is getting any better.
A scientist's journey to God
It's not every day that a book about God is recommended by a TV news anchor such as Ted Koppel and by the dean of Harvard's medical school.
Are you 'Apprentice' material?
Stuck in a stinky job? Then hightail it to the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal 1301 Western Ave., Queesgate, Friday morning. It's your chance to audition for The Apprentice, the NBC reality show that has given business-minded people - high school graduates and Ivy League MBAs alike - the chance to work for New York mogul Donald Trump.
Young TV viewers watch late at night
On many days, 20-year-old New York college student Andrew Myers doesn't bother turning on his TV until 11 at night. He'll catch up on Jon Stewart, David Letterman and maybe a Seinfeld rerun.
'Jethro' pushes 'Hillbillies' casino
Max Baer Jr. said a judge's ruling won't stop him from pursuing his proposed Beverly Hillbillies Mansion & Casino in a Carson City, Nev., shopping center.
Broderick to star off-Broadway
How do you follow a starring role on Broadway in The Producers?
Neighbor buys Hepburn's house
Katharine Hepburn's waterfront home in Old Saybrook, Conn., has been sold to a neighbor who plans to renovate the property, Hepburn's real estate agent said.
Former astronaut Neil A. Armstrong is 74.
The Cure soothes fans' imaginations
Within the Cure's most stunning songs, frontman Robert Smith creates entire universes out of the visions in his mind and the emotions in his heart.
'Mamma Mia!' raises the roof
The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are the perfect time for Mamma Mia!, the Abba songbook joined together by a three men and a grown-up baby plot on a sunny Greek isle.
Teams race against time for film project
If you should spot a car barreling down Vine Street with a camera strapped to its hood this weekend, you can bet you've caught a glimpse of the 48 Hour Film Project.
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Join one of our new reader panels
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