Monday, August 9, 2004


Don't complain about the Levee

In response to a letter written by Melissa Gettys "Levee should restrict who parks there" (Aug. 5), if she really only lives four blocks away from Newport on the Levee, why not go ahead and walk anyway? So what if people are parking over there and coming over here to a game? Give us a break!

I'm sure there are many people who park over here and walk over to the Levee. Why is it when someone wants to leave the Kentucky side of the river to come over to the Cincinnati side, people always complain? But people in Kentucky sure do appreciate when we Ohioans come over there, huh?

My advice? Quit whining and appreciate the fact that you even have an entertainment complex such as Newport on the Levee. It's something that Cincinnati can only dream about.

Robert Adams
Seven Mile, OH

Fan says drop Bengals suit

As an out-of-town Bengals season-ticket holder, I feel the need to comment on the pending lawsuit filed by Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune and company against the Bengals regarding their stadium lease. It seems to me that the county would benefit more by embracing the franchise, and develop the Ohio riverfront.

Portune, do you have any idea how much money a successful NFL franchise can bring to a city? My family travels into town every weekend the Bengals are home. We patronize downtown hotels and restaurants. Unfortunately, Newport on the Levee is a long walk from downtown.

Mark Fisher
Bloomington, Ind.

Clermont village fears sewer plant

A study conducted by the BBS Corp. in Sharonville, hired by the Clermont County Commissioners, has recommended Miamiville as the site of choice for the proposed Clermont County Regional Sewage Treatment Plant. This plant will process 2 million gallons per day initially, but could dramatically increase as the county continues to grow.

The treated water will not be 100 percent free of chemicals and contaminants. Miamiville Civic Association has, twice since January, asked the commissioners and the utilities director for a subsurface hydro geological study to determine if, or to what extent, the treated waste discharged here would imperil the drinking water. They have not responded.

It is the position of the Miamiville Civic Association that a regional sewage plant in the town of Miamiville will destroy the character of our village, reduce property values, compromise our quality of life, and pose a threat to public health and safety.

Carl G. Riedmatter
Miamiville Civic Association

County should push for casinos

Casino gambling is a daily topic in our news. Southeast Indiana reaps the benefits of casino gambling; the towns of French Lick and West Baden, Ind., are now going to be the beneficiaries of casino gambling at their historic hotels; Northern Kentucky entrepreneurs are seeking casino gambling; and the Indian tribes are now seeking casino gambling in Ohio. Most recently, Mayor Charlie Luken has suggested casino gambling for Cincinnati.

This is not an endorsement of or a position against casino gambling. There are pros and cons on each side of the issue. However, I would strongly suggest that should casino gambling ever be approved for our area, that the responsible jurisdiction be Hamilton County rather than the city of Cincinnati, so all our communities may share in the pot.

Charles E. Mitchell
Green Township trustee

Ohio should audit fuel octane levels

The recent article posted on Cincinnati.com regarding the non-auditing of fuel octane levels in Ohio caught me by surprise. I just assumed such things were controlled. As I routinely make several trips to Northern Kentucky each month, I will endeavor to make all of my future gas purchases in the Bluegrass state.

Here is hoping that several thousand other Ohio residents feel the same. Perhaps this loss of tax revenue for Ohio will be a wake-up call for state and local politicians.

James Scott
Green Township

Bring on dogs and ponys

Regarding Jim Borgman's July 25 cartoon about the Democratic National Convention: If a "dog and pony show" will help end the circus of arrogance, hypocrisy, partisanship and deceit currently in Washington, we should be buying the best dog food and horse oats that money can buy.

Peter Kurtz

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