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Schools go high-tech
Picture a private-school classroom in Indian Hill where kindergarten students have a two-way video conference with the Cleveland Museum of Art and discuss the use of color in Renoir's paintings.
Wired efficiency
high tech

boarding bus Your school's report card
All sorts of data is available on your child's school: Test performance, drop-out rates, average teacher salaries, disciplinary actions. The trick is knowing where to look. Here's a list of the various reports on public schools.

Volunteer to help child
If you want your child to do well in school, volunteer there. Research shows that children perform better when their parents are involved. Considering joining your school's PTA or similar group.

Volunteers sought for education panels

lunch Good eating habits transfer
Jane Boback has advice for parents who want their children to eat healthier foods at school: Be a good role model at home. "Set a good example, and it will rub off," says Boback, a nutritionist with the Nutrition Council of Greater Cincinnati.

Uniformly appealing
The crop tops, low-rise jeans and ruffled miniskirts of summer will soon give way to another fashion statement: school uniforms and stricter dress codes.
Have a plan before buying school clothes
Shopping: Girls
Shopping: Guys

boarding bus Pay attention to the back
Some students say they feel as if they are carrying the weight of the world on their backs, when what they really need to do is take a close look at what they use daily to haul their school books around. Backpacks can turn painful.

Beat the summer slump
Call it summer brain drain - the reason that, on the first day back to school, eloquent linguists answer in monosyllabic grunts, math whizzes struggle to make the numbers add up and young scientists can't find equilibrium in the lab.
Getting adjusted

boarding bus Clubs and teams
Whether it's singing with the school chorus, arguing with the debate team or doing back flips with the gymnastics squad, extracurricular activities can be as rewarding as they are diverse. And they're not a waste of time, studies say.

Get back into college swing
Buck up. It's time to buckle down at
Cincinnati's colleges. Beginning this week, more than 81,000 students will be moving into dorms, picking up college textbooks and finding their ways to classes on the area's largest campuses.

Bullying isn't isolated behavior
Bullying: It's the timeless obstacle many students face and all parents dread. A recent study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) reveals a link between bullying and more violent behavior.

School districts
Ohio public schools
Ohio private schools
Kentucky schools

Kindergarten through 12th
Follow the moments many children experience from kindergarten through 12th grade, from the first school-bus ride to college application deadlines.


The Enquirer invites students, parents, teachers and school administrators to join several reader panels to help the newspaper provide authoritative coverage of school issues and events.

Volunteers may be invited to visit the Enquirer for panel discussions, and they may receive e-mails from Enquirer staffers asking about education issues.

If you would like to participate, e-mail Cindy Kranz at ckranz@enquirer.com for Ohio schools or Karen Gutierrez at kgutierrez@enquirer.com for Kentucky schools. Include your name, home phone number, age, grade, school and e-mail address. If you're under age 18, please forward a parental contact.

College students, parents and educators also are welcome to take part in a panel on higher education. Contact Denise Smith Amos at damos@enquirer.com.