Monday, August 23, 2004

N.Ky. authors tout tea's benefits

By Jenny Callison /Enquirer contributor

A Northern Kentucky couple who believe that drinking green tea has had numerous benefits for their health have published a book to help others.

The Green Tea Lifestyle: One Couple's Discovery of Healthy Weight Loss Without Dieting is the recent project of Gillian and Keith Bales of Alexandria.

The Baleses say that their new tea regimen has enabled them to lose weight and improve their overall health.

"The health benefits of green tea have, of course, been known for centuries and extensively documented more recently," Keith Bales said. "Green tea has been proven to not only speed up metabolism, leading to weight loss, but has also been deemed a wonder drug that can impact cancer, high cholesterol, hypertension and a myriad of maladies."

Keith Bales is a juvenile justice professional, and Gillian is a real estate agent.

The book documents their discovery process, contains tips on their approach, and contains several of their favorite family recipes. Cost is $14.95 plus shipping.


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