Friday, August 27, 2004

Allen lawyer's statement

Employee lawsuit: Allen coerced sex
On home turf, prosecutor's all the talk
Allen lawyer's statement
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Allen admits affair
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Statement by Michael W. Hawkins, lawyer for Prosecutor Mike Allen:

"We have now received the Complaint filed in Federal Court today by Rebecca Collins against Michael Allen. Mr. Allen wants there to be no misunderstanding that the allegations of sexual harassment are outrageous and false. Mr. Allen has already acknowledged a consensual relationship with Ms. Collins. He is shocked that someone with whom he had a consensual relationship, which ended in August, 2003 is now bringing up such allegations.

"In communications with Ms. Collins' attorneys, they have acknowledged to me that she did previously have a consensual relationship with Mr. Allen and that after August 2003 there were no sexual relations between them.

"In fact, in the Spring of 2004, Ms. Collins gave Mr. Allen a gift with the following note:

"The hype of the gift probably outdid the gift itself.

"But I do always think of you even if I don't always show it.


"YGR is understood between Ms. Collins and Mr. Allen to mean 'Your Girlfriend Rebecca.'

"In June/July 2004 she borrowed $500 from Mike Allen and paid it back in a check on August 4, 2004. He thought he was helping a friend.

"One can only speculate on why Ms. Collins, who had a three-plus year consensual relationship with Mr. Allen, would send such a note and borrow money from someone and would then file such a lawsuit against him.

"As to her presenting an internal complaint on August 12, 2004, to her boss, Carl Stich, I was in conversation that day with her attorney, Michael Moses, in an effort to privately resolve this matter.

"During that conversation, there was an understanding that Ms. Collins would be taking back her complaint from Mr. Stich while discussions continued. On August 12, 2004, I advised Mr. Stich that she would be withdrawing her internal complaint. In fact, on her next day at work she physically took back the document and the attorneys continued to discuss the resolution.

"These several examples of allegations make it clearly obvious that Ms. Collins in her Complaint is not telling the full story nor discussing her own conduct.

"Mr. Allen's desire has always been to resolve this matter in an amicable way. If this does not happen, he will vigorously defend it and seek the truth.''

Employee lawsuit: Allen coerced sex
On home turf, prosecutor's all the talk
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Allen lawyer's statement
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