Friday, August 27, 2004

TV Best

Must see

Gannett News Service

Olympics, 8 p.m. to midnight, Channels 5, 22.

This is a busy night for gold medals.

For the men, that includes platform diving, pole vault and the 110-meter hurdles.

For the women, there's the long jump, the javelin, the sprint relay (four 100-meter legs) and synchronized swimming.

Worth watching

The George Lopez Show, 8 p.m., Channels 9, 2.

This deceptively sharp show has been a personal project of movie star Sandra Bullock.

She scouted comedy clubs and was impressed by the talented Lopez. She helped push the show to networks that had shown little interest in Latino stars.

Bullock has stayed as a producer and has done several funny guest turns as "Accident Amy," a clumsy worker. She's back in this rerun.

Nighty Night, 10 p.m., Oxygen.

This British comedy continues a route that's far darker than Americans can imagine.

Julia Davis wrote, produced and stars in the show as the immensely self-centered Jill.

She's mourning for her late husband in public - despite the fact that he's recovering nicely. Now she slips him off to a hospice, convincing him he has only days to live.

Meanwhile, she continues her moves on the married doctor next door.

This is an odd, and occasionally very funny, show.

Joan of Arcadia, 8 p.m., Channels 12, 7. When God tells Joan to baby-sit it, turns out to be a key experience.

Jaws (1975), 8 p.m., Bravo. Now that summer's almost over, it might be safe to see Steven Spielberg's classic movie about a naughty shark.

8 Simple Rules, 8:30 p.m., Channels 9, 2. Upset by C.J.'s influence on the girls, Cate tells him to leave.

JAG, 9 p.m., Channels 12, 7. Everyone's a suspect after some seized heroin goes missing.

Hope & Faith, 9 p.m., Channels 9, 2. Struggling Faith (Kelly Ripa) gets a job demonstrating at a trade show.

Less Than Perfect, 9:30 p.m., Channels 9, 2. Claude has some dating rules but might toss them out after she meets a handsome guy.

Monk, 10 p.m., USA Network.Here's a rerun of the excellent season-opener, one that's far more serious than usual. Adrian Monk heads to New York to interview the bomber partially responsible for his wife's death..

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