Wednesday, September 1, 2004

GOP should force Allen to resign

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Mike Allen's adulterous affair has disgraced the Hamilton County prosecutor's office and brought shame and suffering to his family and to his political party. If he has any sense of decency, he will resign immediately. If he refuses to do so, surely the leaders of the Hamilton County Republican Party will force him to leave. It's the right thing.

Thomas Glenn
Pleasant Ridge

This prosecutor can't be taken seriously

I am shocked that Mike Allen thinks he may continue his "good service" to the Hamilton county community following his announcement of a workplace extramarital affair. He is a disgrace to Cincinnatians and continues to mar our judicial process.

Imagine the judges and prosecutees that will mock this wolf in sheep's clothing for years to come. We are not running judgmental risks of unwanted taxpayer expenses as a result of his uncontrollable workplace sexual behavior.

Remove Allen from office; remove him from Republican leadership. He is a black eye to the community; a danger to our pocketbooks, no longer qualified to prosecute anyone, and should be disbarred.

Neil Rubinstein
East Walnut Hills

Allen suffering enough, should stay

Mike Allen should not lose his job! He is a good prosecutor. His punishment is going to be the embarrassment and shame he will suffer for having betrayed his wife, family and his church. He has also let down his constituents and co-workers.

As for his alleged victim being coerced into the affair, give me a break! "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

We forgave President Clinton, so let's give Allen a second chance.

Betty J. Kincade

Allen has failed, burdened taxpayers

If I was in charge and Mike Allen was in position to be fired, he would be gone! There would be no option to stay or leave. He has failed the taxpayers by leading a double life. I do not pay my taxes to hire someone to engage in sex while on the job. What happened to "good work ethics"? This is a man I used to respect for his tough stance on many issues.

Allen is too costly to Hamilton County, especially since we now also have a legal battle to shoulder. How much more financial burden is Hamilton County willing to handle?

Thelma Emery
Blue Ash

Collins also broke rule, needs to get grip

Rebecca Collins must think that the people of Hamilton County are fools. When I read the statement of the charges against Mike Allen, I was stunned by the fact that she thought it was in least way believable. As a sensible person, I must say, get a grip. If you think that you deserve $2 million because you had an affair with the prosecutor, we all deserve at least that much. Who hasn't been denied something in their lives they insisted they deserved? You broke the same rule he did. Use your lawyer status to further your career, and get off the public's dime. You admitted your guilt as well.

Matthew Schmidt
West Price Hill

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