Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Average SAT scores for
class of 2004 unchanged

The Associated Press

The average SAT scores for the class of 2004 were unchanged from the year before, though some minority groups made modest improvements.

But large racial gaps remain, and some testing critics worry they will widen with the introduction of a revamped test and a written essay.

Last year's high school graduates scored 1,026 on average, the same as the class of 2003, The College Board reported Tuesday. Average scores on the verbal section rose one point to 508, while math scores fell one point to 518. Each section is graded on a 200-800 point scale.

Score trends among various racial and other subgroups:

• Mexican-Americans' scores rose nine points to 909. Scores from those identifying themselves as Puerto Ricans were flat at 909.

• African-Americans were flat at 857.

• Whites' scores fell four points to 1,061.

• Asian-Americans' scores were up 1 point at 1,084.

• Boys scored 44 points higher than girls, the widest gender gap since 1993. Boys scored 512 on the verbal section and 537 on math, identical to a year ago. Scores for girls rose one point on the verbal section to 504 and fell two points on math to 501.

SAT scores

2004 2003
Averages Verbal Math Total Verbal Math Total
National 508 518 1026 507 517 1024
Ohio 538 542 1080 536 541 1077
Kentucky 555 558 1113 553 555 1108
Indiana 501 506 1007 500 504 1004

The College Board warns against comparisons between states because some states have more students taking the test, which can skew the average.

Source: The College Board

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