Thursday, September 2, 2004


Behold living grass, not just the headstones

As a Walnut Hills High School parent, I saw the memorial headstones at the school on Monday morning, pictured in the Enquirer on Tuesday ("Students' statement: War's toll nears 1,000," Aug. 31).

It was moving and fitting that the headstones were placed among millions of blades of growing grass. Fifty million people in Afghanistan and Iraq no longer face the indefinite rule of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein. Leave aside the inability of the Taliban and Saddam to use their states to support violent intolerance and repression any longer.

For these 1,000 American servicemen, 50 million living blades of grass is a fitting memorial. Look at the headstones, look at the grass. See the war.

Bruce Hopkins
Mount Lookout

Credit students for seeing war's cost

Regarding the article "Students' statement: War's toll nears 1,000" (Aug. 31): I would like to commend the students at Walnut Hills High School who erected a moving memorial of handmade tombstones, with the names of every American killed in Iraq. In the past year and a half, as the result of the unprovoked invasion and now military occupation of Iraq, almost 1,000 Americans have lost their lives.

It is people like the courageous Walnut Hills students (not the government, which forbids even photographs of flag-draped coffins arriving back in the United States) who, by speaking out, remind us of the terrible human cost of our actions. As one student put it, the best way we can "Support Our Troops [is to] Bring Them Home."

Bill Gupton
Anderson Township

Post office too skittish on 'God' bears

Regarding the article "Post office pulls HolyBears" (Aug. 28 Kentucky Enquirer): What's so threatening about stuffed bears whose shirts read "God bless our troops" and "God bless America?" The post office branches (in the Louisville area) that have stopped selling these toys cite fear of ACLU suits over promotion of religion in a government setting.

How soon will the Treasury re-label our money "In the ACLU we trust?"

Kathy Thamann
Fort Mitchell

Communion is to inspire, not reward

In the letter "Withholding Communion perfect right" (Sept. 1), the writer advocates denying holy Communion on the basis of political positions relative to abortion. Would she also advocate denial relative to capital punishment, unnecessary war, neglect of the poor, and many other matters that the Gospels condemn?

The Eucharist is not a reward for good behavior. It is an encounter with God that we hope will inspire good behavior.

Dick Schladen

Reference to Buddha shows bigotry

I write this in response to the letter "Statue of Christ reflects beliefs" (Aug. 30). The author refers to the likeness of Buddha as a "fat-bellied statue." The obvious bigotry of this individual is indicative of the intolerant attitude displayed by many evangelical Christians, and is perhaps at the root of some people's disdain for yet another obvious attempt to shove religion down other people's throats.

Tom Gajus
West Chester Township

Erpenbeck seems to be doing just fine

Regarding the article "Erpenbeck's wife files for Chapter 13" (Sept. 1): So "poor" Marcia Erpenbeck cannot live on $144,000 a year, cannot afford her three cars (including a BMW), nor her $377,000 house she just purchased within the past year, so she has to file bankruptcy. Oh, and she furnished her new home with only $871 worth of furniture and appliances? How tacky that must look! And she only has $50 in her wallet and another $50 in the bank? I guess all those years she lived with Bill and his high-roller lifestyle, while he cheated others, must have rubbed off on her. Seems she is doing a fine job herself, while he sits in prison.

Patrice Ashworth

Poor Marcia - and a mere $5 dog, too

Having just read the article "Erpenbeck's wife files for Chapter 13" (Sept. 1), how can you not feel sorry for Marcia? Marcia only lives in a new $377,000 house and drives a BMW. I certainly hope we protect the struggling Marcia from her unfortunate financial condition. What I would like to see is her $5 dog.

Mark Zoller
White Oak

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