Friday, September 10, 2004

The Insatiable Shopper

Scouting the marketplace with Joy Kraft

Jeans reborn: Artist Susan Rohrbach found an inventive use for old jeans. She's snipped them off, added straps, a bright cotton lining and turned them into shoulder bags carried at Solar Flair Gallery in Rising Sun, Ind. Toddler jeans make handy purses and bigger sizes are transformed into roomier carry-alls. $22. (812) 438-2550.

Personal Scrabble: Cincinnati To You, Inc., the company that specializes in sending a taste of Cincinnati to homesick tummies has branched out to a new game - a personalized Scrabble board. The Scrabble Game Gifts can be made into generic Cincinnati boards with words spelling out Tyler Davidson, Skyline, Graeter's etc. but the real fun comes in personalizing them for birthdays, retirements, anniversaries etc. $69.95 framed, plus $7 handling. (800) 862-4629;

Slipper zoo: Lions and tigers and bears oh my! Throw in piggies, ladybugs, cats and dogs in a washable soft-as-butter leather and baby is shod for fun. The Robeez footwear comes with suede soles and slip-on design that stay put on wiggly feet with no laces to tangle with. About $26. Belle's Boutique, Loveland; Toko Kidz Ludlow; Castle House, Hyde Park; Baby a, Oakley; Silly Bean and Ellabella, Madeira; Dream Llama, Glendale; Village Junction Montgomery.

Beware: Bullies at work
Office bully can be beaten
Mother's big helper
Fans still pant for 'Scooby-Doo'
Pacino denied seat for own film
Nick and Jessica will be 'Newlyweds'
Soccer and rock stars leading Chicken Dances
Carmen Electra looking for male supermodel
On the fridge
For many adults, tears too precious to shed
The Insatiable Shopper
Twelfth Night
'Exonerated' lacks punch
Voltage flickers in 'Power Failure'
Everything works in 'Love's Labour's'
Atari plays nostalgia game
Machine plays politics
Big media shopping for game producers
Get to it!
TV Best Bets