Monday, September 27, 2004

Presidential campaign diverts to hair, there and everywhere

By Lauren Bishop / Enquirer staff writer

No matter how you cut it, it looks like this presidential election will be decided by a hair. Maybe a full head of it. So we asked Greg and Donna Dougherty, owners of You Guys Salon in Symmes Township, for their takes on President Bush's and Sen. John Kerry's 'dos that will be in the spotlight during the Thursday night debate. Here are their expert opinions on each coif:

President Bush: The way Bush styles his hair makes his face look fuller than it actually is. He already has a wide face shape, so he should keep his hair tight on the sides. Also, it would help to use a finishing product, such as American Crew Forming Cream, to add shine and control frizz. In short, and to borrow his daughters' affectionate nickname, "Bushy" needs to attain a cleaner, more presidential look.

Sen. John Kerry: Kerry's dome needs to be deconstructed to achieve a cleaner, fresher look. Kerry's long face is accentuated when he styles his hair full on top, giving him a statuesque-like appearance. Styling it forward at the crown with a slight part to the side would lesson the exaggeration of his face. A product like American Crew Classic Gray Styling Conditioner or Structure Firm Hold Styling Lotion would add sheen and texture as well.

(The Doughertys also offered a bit of skin advice for both: Try Nickel Morning After Rescue Gel to combat the lines and dark circles around the eyes resulting from long hours on the campaign trail.)


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