Saturday, October 2, 2004

Letters to the editor

'Which one is worse?' line speaks volumes

John Kerry summed up the entire election Thursday night when he said, "Which one is worse?" Of course, he was referring to his explanation about flip-flopping; but the words came through loud and clear. Our choice is not who will be a better leader, but rather which one will be least bad.

DeAnna Niesz



One-liner can't erase Kerry's record

Sen. John Kerry stood at the podium and spoke of his commitment to our national security. Where has that been for the past 20 years? Kerry opposed former President Reagan's policies that brought communism down and freed tens of millions. Kerry was in the same good company then - much of Europe opposed Reagan also. History proved Reagan right and Kerry wrong.

Kerry made light of his infamous $87 billion quote; saying that quote was his mistake. What about the vote itself, to deny the funds needed to support our troops on the ground in Iraq, the same troops Kerry now claims to support so strongly?

One night of lip service to national security cannot erase a lifetime of opposition, can it?

Ken Reeder



Kerry calm; Bush seemed lost, jittery

It's not just that John Kerry won Thursday's debate; it's why he won that's so revealing: Kerry was calm and confident, where President Bush was twitching and lost his place in his notes. Kerry gave fact after fact, which Bush generally could not refute, saying only that it sends the wrong message to criticize him.

Barbara Rugen



Strike up Lakota band for Kerry, too

We're writing in response to the question posed in the letter "Would Lakota bus students to see Kerry?" (Sept. 30). We are parents of a Lakota West band member and strong supporters of President Bush, but we think the answer is pretty clear - yes.

It's a rare event for a presidential candidate to conduct a major campaign rally in our township. And no sitting president has ever visited West Chester. What an amazing experience for our young people to be invited to perform for the president and to observe the "up close and personal" workings of a political campaign. We can't think of a more educational experience for our son and the other Lakota students.

So, please, bring Kerry to West Chester for a rally soon and invite our band. We will be there.

Gary and Nancy McClimans

West Chester Township


Don't shop at stores selling junk to kids

I greatly appreciate and applaud the Enquirer's effort to focus on the issue of children's health and nutrition ("Children's Health Forum," Sept. 26). I'd like to add a suggestion to what we can do now. We can stop shopping at stores for children and families that put candy and other unhealthy snacks in front of the cash register. It's hard enough shopping for clothes and shoes, but factor in the added temptation of candy bars and chips at the checkout. What parent needs to deal with that?

Unfortunately, we've come to expect them at superstores, but do they also have to be in shoe stores and children's clothing stores? We're letting stores get away with it. Tell store owners and clerks you'll only come in to buy their products if they stop tempting your kids with junk food.

Kelly Leon

Walnut Hills


Fairness makes great business sense

I read the letter ("P&G stance makes no business sense," Sept. 30). I'm still confused about the writer's views, as well as the views of those calling for a P&G boycott due to the company's position on Issue 12. P&G isn't taking a position on a controversial issue, the company is saying that all people deserved to be treated fairly. How could anyone be against that? The last time I checked, not being bigoted was a great business practice.

Brian Knab



Vote yes to support Fairfield schools

As a 31-year resident of Fairfield, I have witnessed many changes in our community. Most have been positive and in the name of progress. My parents worked hard and taught me that it was the duty of each generation to try to improve upon the quality of life for the next. Unfortunately, many in Fairfield do not share that value. Please ignore the lies and distortions being spread about our Fairfield schools, and help stop the madness. Vote yes to save our schools, our children and the future of our community.

Dianne Holtzapple


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