Sunday, October 10, 2004

Boutique Chic: Fancy this

Fancy This, a gift shop that's been a favorite stop for more than 30 years - most recently in Wyoming - has hung up a second sign just off Hyde Park Square.

"The Square will always be the shopping destination," says Melissa Kadish, owner since 2000 and a former Hyde Park resident, who doesn't hesitate to sound the horn for local talent - children included - by carrying their crafts and art.

Lynne Hauth's rainbow-lettered personalized pottery and gifts have become a signature item for the shop. This hand-knit child's pastel snail shoulder bag by Blabla is 100 percent cotton, with a one-button back closure ... perfect size for portable treasures. $35. 3446 Edwards Road. (513) 871-0844.

Joy Kraft

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