Monday, October 11, 2004

The week ahead


Libraries throughout Silicon Valley begin closures as the region copes with a $1.1 million budget shortfall.


Procter & Gamble holds its annual meeting; Second-phase trial in multibillion-dollar case involving World Trade Center leaseholder Larry Silverstein and the insurers of the Twin Towers; Dayton, Ohio, trial in federal lawsuit filed by Justice Department against United Technologies, accused of overcharging Pentagon for jet engines; Gannett releases third-quarter earnings.


Apple Computer releases fourth-quarter earnings; Harley-Davidson releases third-quarter earnings.


Fifth Third Bancorp and E.W. Scripps report quarterly results; National City Corp. releases third-quarter earningsThe Week Ahead

Rental car foes war on each other's turf
Space tourism safety weighed
Music sales bounce back
Credit card issuers require better record
Retailers gird for season
U.S. likely winner of Nobel
Uranium demand, prices see increase
Business people
The week ahead