Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Letters to the editor

Bunning article insulted senator

Pat Crowley's article "Mental health at issue in race" (Oct. 17) on the state of U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning's mental health was repulsive. I was a member of the Northern Kentucky Mental Health/Mental Retardation Regional Board for 13 years and was the board's chairman for three years. I take mental health issues seriously.

Crowley's article was not only insulting to the senator; it reduced mental health to a political gambit. I was with the senator, Mrs. Bunning and several members of their family this past Sunday. The article and the distortions it contained hurt them. I hope that Crowley and the Enquirer will exhibit better judgment in the future.

Edward L. Smith, Jr.

Park Hills


Vote yes on Issue 3 next month

I was traveling along I-75 north recently and saw a billboard against the repeal of Article XII. No special rights, No on 3. I was appalled, as a gay man who can be fired, denied housing in Cincinnati, or be asked to leave a store or restaurant just because my partner and I want to go out to eat or live together. How do people see this as special rights? They're certainly not equal rights. Please step forward and on Nov. 2 vote yes on Issue 3.

Timothy Gros

West Chester


Approve school levies on Nov. 2

Public schools offer students of all ages the opportunity to develop tolerance and understanding as they study, work, and play with children of many cultures, whose religious beliefs, appearance, and economic situations are different than their own. These skills, in addition to quality education, will be the key to their success in the future.

Public school districts such as Fairfield, Lakota, Sycamore, and Ross have proven they consistently offer high-quality education to a diverse student body. Yet these schools have trouble convincing voters to pass school levies. Vote yes on school levies in November to immediately benefit today's students. Then ask your state representative to get to work to provide funding for Ohio's public schools in the future.

Lois Erven



Retired judge is no Republican

I fail to see why the Enquirer saw fit to devote one half of its Opinions page to retired Judge Robert L. Black's guest column "A Republican declares his independence" (Oct. 13). Judge Black must be on the daily fax distribution list of the Democratic National Committee. Did he miss one of their talking points?

You can hear exactly the same points in exactly the same language from the usual suspects nightly on the cable news channels. People are free to call themselves whatever they want and Black is free to call himself a "Born Republican," but sir, you are no Republican.

Walter J. Wright

Villa Hills


Thanks for speaking up for life

Thank you for publishing the "Your Voice" article "Human life precious in all forms" (Oct. 16). It is so refreshing to see someone speaking up for these precious lives. The public has just been given another good reason why abortion isn't necessary. So why aren't the press and Hollywood types singing the praises of adult stem cell research? A wise friend reminded me that these people are just a few of the people who don't think abortion is wrong.

Lisa Gilbert

West Chester


CPD Taser use unwarranted

Cincinnati police said they used a Taser to subdue a 19-year-old woman who struggled with an officer writing a traffic ticket for parking in a handicapped space ("Police use Taser on woman in parking ticket struggle," Oct. 16). I feel it was an excessive use of force, considering the crime she committed. When the young woman attempted to escape, couldn't one of the officers just chase her down? Was it really necessary to shoot her?

Linda Hadden



Iraq situation not under control

We've learned the urgent military actions we were told was necessary in Iraq were neither urgent nor necessary. It was an invasion based on a flawed perspective - by an administration that appears to be in over its head.

The result now is a chaotic situation in Iraq that may not be out of control, but is clearly not under control either. And this political message we keep hearing that the world is better off without Saddam Hussein. It will be irrelevant Nov. 2.

Michael Loeffler


Develop a stable vaccine supply
Reject Ky. marriage amendment
We're doing better than polls show
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