Coming out's effect lasts a lifetime
Coming out - disclosing one's sexual orientation to others - is one of the most difficult and important issues that gay people face. For many, it's an intensely personal, anxiety-filled process that revolves around family, friends, work and one's inner sense of well being.
Awkward moments don't have to happen
School groups try to promote understanding

Patty Duke vs. mental illness
It's been nearly 20 years since Patty Duke told the world of her battle with bipolar disorder, but people still come up to tell her that they, too, are affected by mental illness.

New play award will honor Kaplan
The Mickey Kaplan New American Play Prize will debut in 2005 at Playhouse in the Park with John Yearley's absurdist dark comedy Leap. The comically depressed hero of the play uses the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center as an opportunity to lose his identity.

Pianist turns glitch into gold
An 11th-hour program change and concerts in two different cities on the same day didn't keep piano virtuoso Vladimir Feltsman from turning in a brilliant performance with the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra Sunday afternoon in Corbett Auditorium.

Living history
Home Style:A small plaque near the front door of David and Cindi Reid's 65-year-old Indian Hill home shows that the structure has earned a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

Fall Arts & Entertainment guide
This fall, the area's stages, galleries and screens will be filled with faces both fresh and familiar, classic and contemporary. We take you behind the scenes to preview exciting events in art, classical music, dance, film, pop/rock and theater, with profiles of rising and returning stars, highlights of events, calendars, etiquette and a guide to the season's bargains.
Advanced search of events

Mike Watt with Ampline and Dan Dyer
Get to it! A guide to help you make your day.
TV Best Bets

'Good Thief' will nab your attention
Irish playwright Conor McPherson is one heck of a storyteller and Nick Rose is one heck of an actor. Put them together and you have a piece of theater sure as heck worth seeing. Put Know Theatre Tribe's The Good Thief on your list of things to do.

'West Wing' faces crucial year
The prospect of a change in the White House tends to draw a strong reaction, pro or con.
Best sellers: What's hot in the Midwest

Depp: 'I just have a weird job'
Johnny Depp reckons he's no great movie pinup - he just has a "weird job."

Palm Springs names street for Kirk Douglas
Actor Kirk Douglas will never be forgotten in the desert city of Palm Springs, Calif., where he lived for more than 40 years.
'Shrek' will take on Broadway
Shrek, the tale of a lovable green ogre, was one of the biggest movies of the last several years. And its sequel was equally successful.

Lend us your taste buds
Tell us five reasons why you should serve on the new 2004-2005 Taste Team, and include your age and neighborhood or town and phone number. Send postcards only to: Taste Team, the Enquirer, 312 Elm St., Cincinnati, 45202. Or e-mail Deadline: Aug. 13.

Join one of our new reader panels
Wanted: Folks who like to talk about themselves and aren't afraid to share details of their lives, from what's bugging them to what kinds of activities they enjoy.

Get real advice from a regular guy
Answers to your burning questions about relationships, getting ahead, life's little mysteries and the world in general - introducing "Dear Doug."
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S P E C I A L   R E P O R T :   T H E   R O A D   T O   F R E E D O M
Keeping the stories alive

The Underground Railroad lives in the telling. The story of slaves escaping to freedom resonates in now-empty slave cells in New Orleans, an attic hiding place in Philadelphia, and a one-room schoolhouse for escaped slaves in Canada.
Freedom Center special section

Hahn S P E C I A L   R E P O R T:   E X T R E M E   C H O I C E S
Suffering children, desperate parents
Thousands of parents with severely ill children face decisions most of us cannot imagine, as cash-strapped states are slashing Medicaid and cutting off families who desperately need help. This series examines those extreme choices and the families who are making them.

Technology news
Our weekly guide to computers, the Web and the latest gadgets.

Women of the Year
The Enquirer honors 10 Tristaters for their service to their community. The newspaper has recognized women of distinction annually since 1968.

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