Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Letters to the editor

Supporting Article XII lessens Shuttlesworth

Nothing will ever change the fact that the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth has done our nation great service with his courageous stands for the rights of African-Americans ("Gay-rights sides target black vote," Oct. 14).

But has the reverend no sense of irony? As he stands in opposition to the repeal of Article XII, he aligns himself with direct-line descendants of the right wing, clergy-backed groups who fought so hatefully and bitterly against his cause in the '60s.

These right-wingers - fronted in Cincinnati today by Citizens for Community Values - have not changed their stripes. And in joining CCV to encourage continued discrimination against gays, the once-great reverend looks sadly small.

John C. Brennan



Column enlightened Sycamore reader

Thank you, Heidi Bruzina for the Your Voice column "Public schools may need help most" (Oct. 14). I live in the Sycamore district where there is a lot of controversy surrounding our upcoming levy on the ballot for Nov. 2. We, too, have an anti-levy group called Citizens For Responsible Fiscal Management. Your column made me really question the motives of this group and the legitimacy of the literature sent to Sycamore residents by them. It also made me want to know more about this group and whether they are also tied to the Evergreen Foundation.

Thank you also for defending any parents' right to select a private or home-school option for their children. I agree that along with this personal right comes the obligation to support public schools for all children.

Kristi Marth

Symmes Township


Wealthy can afford tax shelters

Apparently the writer of "Higher taxes unfairly punish rich" (Oct. 12) has little understanding of the tax code. If she were to examine it or have and unbiased source explain it to her, she would see that the current tax code is full of loopholes where the wealthy can shelter their money in tax free institutions. Additionally, the wealthy can afford lawyers and accountants to exploit these loopholes to further increase their wealth. The middle class cannot do this, and suffer the brunt of the taxes. Progressive taxation? Not in this country.

Matt Barnes

Western Hills


Larkin, Nuxall should be thankful

There is always the temptation to hold on to what we love. It is disturbing when personalities like Barry Larkin and Joe Nuxall bite the hand that has fed them and given them the opportunity for such successful careers. It hurts my feelings as a faithful fan who has helped support them along the way. To be grateful for being so privileged and to rejoice with your successor is a praiseworthy distinction of character.

Beulah Stickle

College Hill


Parrott cartoon is off the mark

We have long admired Jim Borgman, but he was way off the mark with his Oct. 13 cartoon regarding the upcoming election for county coroner. He implies that Dr. Carl Parrott is guilty, whereas Parrott has not been indicted or tried in any court, of which we are aware.

This is a case of guilt by association, as Thomas Conlon, the photographer, was put in jail, and Deputy Coroner Jonathan Tobias, was also tried. At no time has Dr. Parrott been judged incompetent. In fact, he has been an excellent coroner for years and is a many of integrity and excellent educational background.

Jay and Lynne Goldberg



We must respect lives lost in Iraq

In response to Peter Bronson's column "Scary attempts to influence your vote" (Oct. 12), I am offended by Bronson's cavalier attitude about our citizens dying in the war in Iraq. Evidently, neither Bronson nor President Bush quite gets that. I hear no regret, no solemn respect for the lives that have been extinguished and the lives that will yet be extinguished in this conflict.

Donna Wilson



Invading Iraq has made impact

People forget the fear that followed 9/11. They forget these attacks actually shut down all air traffic nationwide and shook our whole financial structure. Invading Iraq was not just about weapons of mass destruction, it was also about putting 100,000 U.S. troops next door to Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran and others who laughed in the streets and supported these thugs, with cash and passports. In Iraq, the terrorists are in conflict with our soldiers, not our civilians.

Jane Parsley


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