Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Yeah Yeah Yeahs show why they rock

DVD review

The popular punk trio Yeah Yeah Yeahs' first DVD foray is fairly easy to swallow. There's 16 tracks from a performance at the Fillmore in San Francisco, six bonus songs, an artsy Japanese tour documentary and a collection of music videos.

However, the most engaging element of the disc is a Spike Jonze-directed man-in-the-crowd documentary, dubbed "They Don't Love You Like I Love You." The director prods pre-show attendees with questions such as, "What's your favorite song?" and "When did you first hear the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?" Simple, yes. But the genuine reactions from fans both casual and die-hard is as interesting as vocalist Karen O.'s onstage antics.

And, boy, there are some antics. The charismatic frontwoman spits on the stage, jumps on the stage, charges guitarist Nick Zinner, crushes grapes and, of course, sings. The concert footage is hefty - but not impossible - to absorb in one sitting, but the disc's menu allows viewers to easily pick and choose from the set list, which mostly consists of songs from their debut disc Fever to Tell but also from earlier EPs.

Although Zinner and drummer Brian Chase don't garner as much screen time as O., it's easy to see why the Brooklyn band has risen to pop status so quickly, as evidenced by their hit single "Maps." They rock.

The music videos include "Maps," "Date With the Night," "Pin" and the creepy unedited version of "Y-Control." The disc is also seasoned with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs subtle-but-spectacular performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in which O. was drowned with fake flower petals.

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