Thursday, October 21, 2004

Angry Girl bags carry an attitude

By Lauren Bishop
Enquirer staff writer

Feel misunderstood? Mad at the world? Want to tell the world and carry some stuff around at the same time? Be a trendsetter with a tote bag from Angry Little Girls, cartoon characters created by Los Angeles artist Lela Lee in response to racist and sexist stereotypes.

You can find comics, e-cards, T-shirts and mugs at, but the tote bags are available until Friday for $32.99 at's Red Hot Shop. (

There are three different tote bags featuring three different characters from Lee's comic strip. Wanda the Fresh Little Soul Sister says "Happiness is Everywhere," Kim the Angry Little Asian Girl cries, "Sometimes I just get so angry!" and Deborah the Disenchanted Princess admits, "It's not easy being a princess." Need more proof of their hipness? Lane of the WB's Gilmore Girls has an Angry Little Asian Girl poster in her bedroom.


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