Thursday, October 21, 2004

Elizabeth at top of to-go list

'The Apprentice 2' panel

By Lauren Bishop
Enquirer staff writer

Last week on The Apprentice 2, the women of Team Apex mopped the runway floor with the men of Team Mosaic after a fashion-designing task, and project manager John got the boot. Here's what our panelists think will happen this week, when Donald Trump mixes up the teams again before sending them out into the dog-eat-dog world of corporate restructuring - and yes, there are actual canines (9 p.m. Channels 5, 2).

Aaron Baba, 42, Reading: Now that the ladies of the Apex team have tasted victory after a long drought, they will try even harder to outdo the Mosaic team on the next task. Predicting the outcome of this week's task is hard because of the possibility that the teams may be reconstituted. Regardless of the outcome of the reconstitution, Andy and Kevin may not last much longer on the show. If the Apex team loses the next task, Elizabeth, Ivana and Stacy R. are likely to have a recall to the boardroom.

Doug Browning, 35, Anderson Township: I'm not sure if price was the only factor in the men losing. Most of the designs they put on that runway were ugly, which is why I agree with the departure of John - he chose the designer. I liked how Kevin handled himself in the boardroom. The team changes tonight should help Elizabeth. It will be interesting to observe how Maria acts with the comfort of knowing she can't be fired. Jennifer is as smooth as can be and seems to be polished in every aspect of the game. I still see her as a front-runner.

Brooke Goode, 34, Milford: It was also nice to see the women gel for a change. Elizabeth, Chris, Sandy and Raj will be the next few to go. Elizabeth consistently breaks Apex's momentum, Chris isn't polished enough to run one of Trump's companies, Sandy is too timid, and, again, Raj is a nuisance, among other things. Wes will win it all.

Nicole McWhorter, 30, Clifton: The only thing I have to say is that Elizabeth has to go. She is a nuisance and a true pain in the you-know-what. I think sending her away from the group to talk to the buyers was a great move, and if the women had lost she would have been the one to be fired. I still stand by my men, though. I think that this season is going to have another male winner; I just hope it isn't Raj.


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