Friday, October 22, 2004

Delta's stock value is in the eye of the holder

Losses total $6.2 billion over three years. Bankruptcy is a real possibility. Thousands of jobs are at stake.

The turmoil at Delta Air Lines is mounting. A key indicator is Delta's share price, which closed Thursday at $3.02 - down more than 90 percent from before the 9/11 attacks. For the price of one Delta share in September 2001, a Greater Cincinnati consumer could have purchased about 22.7 gallons of unleaded gasoline at $1.72. Thursday, one share of Delta stock bought a gallon and a half at $1.98. Here are other measures of the current value of Delta stock:

1 tall cup of Starbucks mocha latte: $2.95

1 scoop of Graeter's ice cream in a waffle cone: $2.70

1 day's parking at the Central Avenue lot downtown: $3

2 shares of US Airways (not including commission): $2.14

1 coney and a large soft drink at Gold Star Chili: $2.79

8 postage stamps: $2.96

One pound of top sirloin steak at Kroger: $2.99

6 cans of corn from Kroger for donation to a local food bank: $2.34

302 plays on the penny slot machines at the casinos in Southeast Indiana: $3.02

1 shine for your shoes at Ran's: $3.00

James Pilcher

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Delta's stock value is in the eye of the holder
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