Friday, October 22, 2004

Cincinnati already offers some wi-fi

Letters to the editor

This is in response to The Cincinnati Enquirer's editorial on Tuesday, October 12, "Cincinnati should explore going wi-fi" which states that Cincinnati should look into wi-fi as a way to be "cool." The headline is a bit misleading as Cincinnati is currently offering some wi-fi. And, the way it's being offered is cool.

Right now, you can take your laptop to Piatt Park and surf the Internet among the trees and plants. In two weeks, the Krohn Conservatory in Eden Park will reopen and you can surf in an idyllic setting surrounded by tropical flowers and orchids. Conventioneers who come to town can enjoy a wi-fi convention center. Soon, the city's public spaces of Fountain Square, the Banks and those in Over-the-Rhine will be wi-fi because it's a priority in the plans moving forward to re-invigorate these areas. And, as your editorial points out, wi-fi is now spreading to our communities.

This is possible because there are creative public-private partnerships in place among the city's funded programs, community leadership and private companies who are supporting the effort. Walnut Hills, College Hill and Over-the-Rhine applied for and received grants through the city's Safe and Clean Fund to install neighborhood watch cameras. Walnut Hills was able to leverage this public-based infrastructure to bring in private interests offering wi-fi. Importantly, this is a model that, if successful, can be replicated in other neighborhoods.

The partnerships that are being formed in Cincinnati wisely leverage the investment of tax dollars in the community with citizen and private support. Now, that's cool.

Valerie A. Lemmie Cincinnati City Manager

Bush has a proud record

Regarding the bizarre "Your Voice" column "Bush as a televangelist could work" (Oct. 18): by Dr. John S. Hutton: Bush is running on his good record. The economy is strong and growing, with falling unemployment and rising average household incomes. The writer's commitment to take the fight to the terrorists is clear and unwavering. In contrast, Sen. John Kerry is running away from his 20-year record as the most liberal U.S. Senator.

The writer is free to support the Democrats - the party of Bill Clinton and Larry Flynt, with its jailhouse voter registration drives - if he so chooses. I will be voting for George Bush and other Republicans.

Tim Shipp Anderson Township

Safire had it right about Bush

Kudos to William Safire, former President Richard Nixon's former speech writer, for pointing out the how a campaign is using fear to get elected (A low blow from Kerry campaign," Oct. 19). He just got the wrong campaign.

The Bush campaign has used the "fear factor" for the past three years to scare Americans and cause them to believe that only Bush/Cheney can "protect" us from terrorism. There have been numerous scary security alerts (orange) which seem to appear at calculated times and various comments from Vice President Dick Cheney about how we could suffer a nuclear attack on some city because Sen. Kerry would not be strong enough to prevent it. Fear mongering produces a "fog of fear" where many people think that only one man can keep us safe. Somewhere, in some isolated area of Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden is probably laughing and saying, "I won after all." Hopefully the purveyors of fear will not win.

Marty Hanon Delhi Township

Gays undercounted in the Census

Gay households are not "rare" in this region as the Enquirer speculates. Local census figures are low because our gays are afraid to self-report. Based on national averages, one in 20 of your friends, neighbors, or loved ones is gay. Impossible? Perhaps your eyes are closed or you have voiced intolerance, thus forcing the gays in your life to remain closeted. Exposure is the first step toward understanding.

Wake up, Cincinnati, and vote yes on Issue 3. It's time to overcome our national reputation of fostering prejudice and discrimination.

Judie List Sweeney Mount Washington

Move Lincoln to protect him

Regarding the article "Donations to repair monument to Lincoln" (Oct. 21): Once again there is damage to the Lincoln Monument in Avondale and groups are struggling to find the funds to repair the statue. Here is another plan. Move the monument to the new Freedom Center where more people can appreciate it and suffer no more damage.

Mary Koester Loveland

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