Friday, October 22, 2004

House Speaker Hastert campaigns for Davis

By Patrick Crowley
Enquirer staff writer

Election 2004 page
ERLANGER - As he crisscrossed the country Thursday stumping for Republican congressional candidates, U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert landed in Northern Kentucky to help boost Geoff Davis' 4th District campaign.

At Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, Hastert told about 50 Davis supporters that they could make the difference.

Davis, a Boone County business owner and Republican, is running against Democrat Nick Clooney.

"You have a big role," Hastert told the crowd. "You're the supporters, you're the people that come out and wave the signs and knock on doors."

Hastert, of Illinois, described Clooney as a candidate "connected to Hollywood liberals" and one who doesn't "share the same values as people and families in the 4th District."

Hastert criticized Clooney's stance on tax cuts.

Clooney has called for tax cuts on Americans making more than $200,000 a year to be rescinded.

Hastert said if those cuts are overturned, many small-business owners will suffer an economic hit, and that could affect the job market. Most job growth comes from small businesses, he said.

Ken Warden, a Davis supporter who owns a Fort Thomas real estate firm that employs 16, attended the rally. "The small-business owner is the one driving the economy," Warden said. "You take the small-business owner out of the picture, you take America out of the picture."

Clooney campaign manager B.J. Neidhardt said voters here "don't need politicians from Washington coming in here and telling people how to vote."


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