Saturday, October 23, 2004

Grade-school investors put professionals to shame

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Stock Market Game teams - like investors everywhere - struggled this week with a weak market that played havoc with many stocks and mutual funds.

The top school team rankings were unchanged from last week, but all three game leaders managed to build their mock portfolios modestly even as some market indexes such as the Dow declined slightly week-to-week.Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy No. 1, an elementary school team, grew its portfolio 2.9 percent to $103,471 by Thursday, the end of the Ohio Stock Market Game's third week.

Oxford's McGuffey Foundation School middle-school team, The Playas, grew its portfolio 3.04 percent to $108,647.

And, way in the lead overall, Springboro High School's Traf Dawg team portfolio grew 0.96 percent to $137,496.

The 860 teams participating get a mock $100,000 to invest over a 10-week period, with prizes awarded Dec. 10.

The CHCA team - all fourth-graders - got rid of 14,000 shares of Nintendo (NTDOY.PK), which has dropped about $1 since Oct. 1 to $14.40 per share. They also sold 500 shares of Nike (NKE), which has gained $1 over the same period to about $79.30 currently.

The Symmes Township school's principal, Dr. Mark Beadle, says he has lunch each Thursday with participants to talk about investments and plot strategy. Students are also motivated, he said Friday, by parents who are also competing in the game.

Annie-Laurie Blair

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