Saturday, October 23, 2004

Love pleads guilty to disorderly conduct

A subdued Courtney Love pleaded guilty earlier this week to disorderly conduct in a case that began during her rock concert at a Greenwich Village nightclub in March, when she pitched a microphone stand into a crowd, hitting one of her fans.

The charge, to which she pleaded guilty before Judge Melissa Jackson of Manhattan Criminal Court, replaced the more serious charges of assault and reckless endangerment, which carried up to a year in jail.

Love was arrested on March 18 after hitting the fan, Gregory Burgett, at a concert she was giving at Plaid, a Manhattan club. Earlier in the evening Love had also bared her breasts to David Letterman during a taping for his show.

As part of the sentence, Jackson ordered Love to pay Burgett's medical bill, $2,236, keep out of trouble for one year and participate in a drug treatment program over the course of the year. She faces 15 days in jail if she fails to comply.

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