Sunday, October 24, 2004

Letters to the editor

People could vote more than once

Regarding the Oct. 22 story "Defiant Blackwell rips judge," voters should be allowed to vote if they are in the correct county, but not the right precinct.

But both sides of the issue are missing what seems to be the true problem of provisional ballots, namely the Chicago Effect:."Vote early, vote often."

Much is made of the fact that the election board needs to set the ballots aside and make sure the voter is indeed registered, but not one word has been spoken concerning how many times that person has cast their ballot. This is what should worry everyone. Not where, but how many?

Kimberly Cooper



It's not good to give kids everything

In response to the article "School warns of drug parties" (Oct. 5), I commend the school for wanting to get parents involved in bettering their students' lives. It seems that our stereotypes of social class have once again been negated in this article. It states, "Generally, the more disposable income . . . the higher the chance of using drugs or drinking." Our American families that are able to financially provide for their children are lacking the skills to truly care for their children.

Sometimes our desire to be liked overrides everything else, including the well being of our children. We think at times that what is best is that they are happy and having fun. But are providing drinking parties for our kids really making them happy? "Why would you define happiness as an altered state of mind - you're not even yourself?"

If teenagers' greatest happiness is found when they are living in a world outside themselves, we have a problem. Parents need to stand up for what is best for their kids. Teenagers need love, true love seeks to benefit others, and it is not self-seeking. (1 Corinthians 13, Bible).

Teenagers need true love from their parents. When they experience this love, happiness will be a little easier for them to find.

Ellen Lamas Oxford


We should show off our dogs

Regarding the article ("Cincy K-9s won't star on TV special," Oct. 21): So let me get this straight. The Cincinnati police K-9 unit are the best in the country. Wow, did not know that and for that I say, "Congratulations!" Our wonderful city administration "couldn't agree on legal language"... The city officials said the decision "wasn't meant as a slight." You have got to be kidding.

Why in the world are these people employed and why are they employed here? Really, why are these employees of this city? There is once again a chance for positive exposure not only for this city, but the Cincinnati police department and the city officials can't get it together. They act as if this is the first time this has ever happened to any police department in the whole country. Why can other cities seem to be able to overcome the "legal language" and have their police department showcased? Anyone know a good attorney? I want to sue the city for malfeasance....

Mary Kuhl



Lawyers will sue over drug imports

Already lawyers are advertising to sue on behalf of Vioxx victims.

Who gets sued if, in trying to get drugs cheaply by importing them from other countries, we get sick because those drugs are contaminated?

Glenn Julian



Columnist wrong on gay marriage

Jim Edgy's 'Your Voice' column (Oct. 22) on Issue 3 repeats many of the usual liberal canards about the Bible's stance on homosexuality. The Bible is consistent throughout in its condemnation of homosexuality, in both the Old and New Testament. Edgy is guilty of the same selective reading he accuses others of, only choosing to follow those passages he finds palatable.

The Bible not only specifically proscribes homosexuality by name, it also is very clear that God's plan for marriage is that a man should cleave unto his wife. Jesus spoke of His love often, but His love for us also led Him to condemn all forms of sin and call sinners to repentance. You cannot repent of your sin if you refuse to see it for what it is. Mr. Edgy needs to read the Bible for what it says, not what he wants it to say.

This issue of gay marriage is not one that Christians have brought up, but rather has been forced on the nation through judicial fiat. Protecting marriage is not taking away anyone's rights, it is a defense of the sanctity of marriage, the building block of our society for time immemorial.

Arthur Sido


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