Sunday, October 24, 2004

Seeing 'Galileo' is in the stars

By Jackie Demaline
Enquirer staff writer

Today Galileo is hailed as the father of astronomy. In his own time (17th century Italy), he was pronounced a heretic by the Inquisition for daring to suggest that planets orbit the sun.

Tickets $25 and $27, $15 and $17 students. There's a $10 student rush for 2:30 p.m. Saturday matinee. Call the box office at (513) 556-4183 for reservations and information. Ask about the $20 dinner and show special at Wednesday's preview performance.
When Bertolt Brecht was exiled from Germany for his anti-Nazi stance, he turned to the story of Galileo to comment on his own political times.

Brecht's Life of Galileo plays Thursday through Sunday at University of Cincinnati-College-Conservatory of Music and director Michael Burnham offers these four reasons why audiences need to see this show here, today.

1 "Because there's a chance we're gonna let the Hubble Telescope rot so we can put some idiot(s) on Mars;"

2 "Because industry is funding university science departments and in some cases suppressing experimental findings that are "bad for business;"

3 "Because mad cow disease exists because - against all the best advice of Nature herself - we've started feeding cows to cows;"

4 "Because global warming is also a threat to national security."

Galileo, Burnham promises, will be "fast, loud, funny, happy, sad, bent, straight. It's a cautionary tale.

"As the poem that introduces the last scene says: 'May you now guard science' light / Keep it up and use it right / Lest it be a flame to fall / One day to consume us all.'"

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