Grown-ups grab Halloween
With all of Indiana Jones' appetite for adventure, adults have hijacked Halloween from their children - and they've spent frighteningly large amounts of money doing it.
Makeup tricks for wild costumes
Set the Mood for Halloween parties

Music for Monsters
Halloween isn't just for kids anymore. Even the music of Halloween has gone PG-13, from heavy metal horror movie soundtracks, to costumed rock 'n' roll shows and spooky classical tunes, the fun doesn't end when the candy runs out.
Horror flicks rock it hard, rip it loud
Rockers roll release party into costume fest
Make yourself a mix of ghoulish sounds
Halloween rock treats

Ohio Statehouse makes a capital tour
Considered one of the nation's finest examples of Greek Revival architecture, the Ohio Statehouse has attracted visitors since its completion in 1861 - for a variety of reasons.
Columbus filled with history, art, shopping

Sculptor's detail is his strong point
Seth Tuska is on a mission: "I'm an artist and a structural engineer, but I've put all that on hold and I'm dedicating my life to telling my father's story."

Those marvelous mirrors
Home Style:After a fall from grace in their bawdy disco days, mirrors are re-emerging, more refined and clad in gold leaf, adding light, expanding views and amplifying space.

Fall Arts & Entertainment guide
This fall, the area's stages, galleries and screens will be filled with faces both fresh and familiar, classic and contemporary. We take you behind the scenes to preview exciting events in art, classical music, dance, film, pop/rock and theater, with profiles of rising and returning stars, highlights of events, calendars, etiquette and a guide to the season's bargains.
Advanced search of events

Get to it!
A guide to help you make your day.
On the fridge
Seeing 'Galileo' is in the stars
Today Galileo is hailed as the father of astronomy. In his own time (17th century Italy), he was pronounced a heretic by the Inquisition for daring to suggest that planets orbit the sun.
Troupe tweaks 'Romeo & Juliet'
This version of Romeo & Juliet isn't by the book. Clear Stage Cincinnati's production of Shakespeare's classic play, which opened last weekend, is set in present-day Verona and uses current clothing (inspired by Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana and Versace), music (techno and house) and some modern scenery to tell the tragic tale.
Peter Jennings reporting from Devou Park
Peter Jennings is on the road this week with ABC World News Tonight, visiting Kansas City, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, cities believed to be pivotal in the presidential election. The goal? To take the pulse of swing states.
New this week
OPENING FRIDAY: Ray; PG-13, 152 minutes. On Friday movie fans all over the country will get a chance to find out why Oscar buzz has been swirling around comedian/actor Jamie Foxx for his lead performance in this biography of music legend Ray Charles, who died June 10. Regina King (Jerry Maguire) co-stars for director Taylor Hackford (An Officer and A Gentleman).
Art prof exhibits three-dimensional paintings at Solway
Speaking of Wise Women, meet Judy Pfaff, recipient of a 2004 MacArthur Foundation fellowship and professor of art at Bard College.
New Pops CD fetes the ballet
It begins with a fanfare and ends with - what else - the world's most famous can-can. Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops' 76th album for Telarc is a tuneful collection of bon-bons from the ballet.
'Wise Women' gives age a new image
'I keep telling my young friends that sex keeps getting better. After dealing with all of life's trials and tribulations for so many years, you just realize that there must be a higher power'
The brooch is back
No matter what you wear, , you'll be sure to be up-to-the-moment by simply adding a brooch. Worn alone on a background of black velvet, as a signature piece to a favorite suite, at the waist, on a watch cap or grouped on a sweater, a la Sarah Jessica Parker in her retro-ready Gap ads, you decide how far to go with the real thing or vintage bling.
Style Notes

Insatiable shopper
Find 'weather-proof' fun at Great Wolf waterpark
SANDUSKY, Ohio - It seems counter-intuitive, but if you've reached this point in the calendar year and still need your swimming fix, the quickest first-rate solution might be to head to Lake Erie.
Amish invite tourists into home for a meal
BALTIC, Ohio - A 2-year-old Amish boy plays on the front lawn with a pinwheel, barely noticing as 40 tourists shuffle past and into his grandparents' home.
Guided by Voices bids a sloshy adieu
If Robert Plant is the golden god of rock 'n' roll, Robert Pollard is its indie idol.
The barber of Garfield Place
"Senor, Senor!"
Five awarded 'Spirit of Cincinnati'
Actor Bob Elkins is one of five people tapped to receive "Spirit of Cincinnati" awards from the Cincinnati International Film Festival today at the Contemporary Arts Center.
DJ wants back in the saddle
Bobbi Maxwell, popular afternoon DJ on WRRM-FM (98.5), could be back on the air as early as Nov. 1, but she may have to work out of her home.
Parker stumps for Kerry
Sarah Jessica Parker called it "a homecoming I'll long remember," referring to her appearance Thursday at an Ohio Women for Kerry Voter Empower Hour at alchemize, an Over-the-Rhine nightspot.
Seymour leaves elegant mark on city
During last weekend's visit, British actress and artist Jane Seymour brought a touch of panache to Cincinnati. Seymour was picked up from a Junior League engagement in Dayton and chauffeured to Cincinnati in a $394,000 Mercedes-Benz Maybach 62 limousine, courtesy of Dana Hackney and Mercedes-Benz of Cincinnati.
Milford company a big hit with Jessica, gal pals
Maybe Cincinnati native Nick Lachey has had his fill of Dessert, wife Jessica Simpson's line of edible cosmetics and fragrances.
Lend us your taste buds
Tell us five reasons why you should serve on the new 2004-2005 Taste Team, and include your age and neighborhood or town and phone number. Send postcards only to: Taste Team, the Enquirer, 312 Elm St., Cincinnati, 45202. Or e-mail Deadline: Aug. 13.

Join one of our new reader panels
Wanted: Folks who like to talk about themselves and aren't afraid to share details of their lives, from what's bugging them to what kinds of activities they enjoy.

Get real advice from a regular guy
Answers to your burning questions about relationships, getting ahead, life's little mysteries and the world in general - introducing "Dear Doug."
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Keeping the stories alive

The Underground Railroad lives in the telling. The story of slaves escaping to freedom resonates in now-empty slave cells in New Orleans, an attic hiding place in Philadelphia, and a one-room schoolhouse for escaped slaves in Canada.
Freedom Center special section

Hahn S P E C I A L   R E P O R T:   E X T R E M E   C H O I C E S
Suffering children, desperate parents
Thousands of parents with severely ill children face decisions most of us cannot imagine, as cash-strapped states are slashing Medicaid and cutting off families who desperately need help. This series examines those extreme choices and the families who are making them.

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