Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Flu shot workers deserve high praise

We got our flu shots at Holy Trinity School in Norwood. It was very appreciated how efficiently they handled it, from the time we got there till we left. We've got respiratory problems and are on oxygen, and it took us less than 20 minutes. We give all the volunteers absolute high praise. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Tom and Kate Rheude

Cartoon implies blame over vaccine

Shouldn't cartoons, even political ones, be realistic, and shouldn't they result in an appreciation of humor? So how come I'm not smiling at Jim Borgman's Oct. 19 effort?

Unfortunately, some people will take the cartoon literally and actually believe President Bush is responsible for the shortage of the flu vaccine. So pardon me if I do not find it amusing that such confounded reasoning will influence their vote. Heaven help us! It makes as much sense as blaming Bush for the hurricanes.

Anella Roser

Students 'can't read?' Clarity, please

When you say that half the students in Cincinnati Public Schools cannot read ("CPS levy: 'No' for stalled progress," Oct. 24), do you mean they can't read a map? Or do you mean they can't read a dictionary? Do you mean they can't read science? Or do you mean they can't read imaginative literature? Perhaps you mean they can't read a love letter? Or maybe you mean they can't read a newspaper? Did you mean the students are unable to read for the main idea? For details? Or did you mean they cannot read critically?

There are so many different kinds of reading that to say that half of the students "can't read" is to write nonsense. Maybe you meant to say that half of the students can't read well. If that's what you meant, you didn't say it.

Allen Berger

Endorsement of Bush short a reason

Regarding your endorsement of George W. Bush for president (Oct. 24): "A time to be consistent?" I wasn't aware that being consistently wrong is an attribute.

Then you say we should not be willing to allow other countries to share in the cost of the war in lives lost and money spent because "we did not topple Saddam Hussein just so we could divide up the county as spoils of war"? I didn't realize the United States relied upon "The Little Red Hen" as the basis for its foreign policy.

Why didn't you just say, "We endorse Bush for president because he's a Republican?"

Elizabeth Conkin
Hyde Park

Shame on Democrats for vote scheme

Ohio Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. Once again, they pander to the poor and African-American community by claiming that these two segments of our multicultural society require special privileges when it comes to voting.

Voters who really care, regardless of their political beliefs or social status, take the time to find out where they are supposed to vote. Only Democrats, who are constantly pursuing gimmicks to inflate their political following, think it is reasonable to conduct massive registrations among people who don't really care and then cry foul when their "get-out-the-vote" schemes are legally determined to be unreasonable.

John M. Jr. Kunst
Anderson Township

Social Security not great deal for most

A reader's contention that Social Security is the "common sense" system for retirement shows how much our government has deceived the average American on this issue ("No need to privatize Social Security," Oct. 25).

You give the government 13 percent of your paycheck, every week, for the 40 years that you work. When you retire, you receive a monthly check until you die. The average life expectancy is around 80. So if you're lucky, you'll collect for about 15 years out of a system you paid into for 40. If you die sooner, as many do, you lose out. This is a great system for the government, but a lousy one for you.

Andy Spaeth

Name something after Ruth Lyons

Regarding the letter "Naming park after Reagan wonderful" (Oct. 7): I have no objection to that at all. We have Ronald Reagan Highway and now Ronald Reagan's Voice of America Park.

We also have Pete Rose Way. However, I don't know of any highway or park named after Ruth Lyons, who put Children's Hospital at the top of the list for children in need of medical help from far and near. Let's find a highway or park and name it Ruth Lyons Highway or Ruth Lyons Park.

John J. Miele
Delhi Township

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