Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Preston moves away from party planing

Kelly Preston, who's costarring in Eulogy, has a special talent that few people know about. As Mrs. John Travolta, it falls to her to host many of the family holiday parties.

"Between his Italian family and my family we're a family of about 50 or 55 so we're quite big," she says.

"We used to put them all under one roof in our house in Maine which would hold a lot of people and that - after six days you're exhausted - but it was a lot of fun.

"My function is the complete planning and execution. A lot of holidays now we like to keep it smaller and simpler but for many years we did it and I planned every single aspect, every single meal, every single treat on the bed, play things, activities and excursions. I am an expert party planner."

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