Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Steenburgen, Danson
help make food available

Actress and Arkansas native Mary Steenburgen and her actor husband, Ted Danson, star of the Becker series, helped Heifer Project International celebrate its 60th anniversary.

The couple, who live in Little Rock, served as honorary stars of a weekend fund-raising gala sponsored by the charity.

Heifer is building a new international headquarters east of downtown Little Rock, next to the Clinton Presidential Library that is nearing completion.

Heifer works in 50 countries to provide animals ranging from snails and silkworms to elephants and water buffalo.

The operation's goal is to provide the livestock to needy families so they can feed and support themselves.

Recipients are required to give some of the animals' offspring to neighbors to pass on the gift.

Earlier in the day, Steenburgen and Danson showed up at the John Kerry-John Edwards campaign headquarters to thank workers for their efforts.

"I'm just talking the talk," said Danson, who has himself campaigned for the Democratic ticket. "You guys really walk the walk."

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Steenburgen, Danson help make food available

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