Thursday, October 28, 2004

Geoff Davis for U.S. House seat

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The race for the 4th Congressional District in Kentucky has attracted national attention because of Democrat Nick Clooney, the former Cincinnati TV anchor, father of film actor George Clooney and brother of the late singer-actress Rosemary Clooney.

But celebrity and a facile television patter are not enough to earn a seat in Congress. The voters of the 4th District are generally conservative, and we believe Republican Geoff Davis is the best choice to succeed retiring three-term congressman Ken Lucas. Independent candidate Michael Slider of Oldham County is also to be commended for his grasp of the issues during this campaign.

The rising cost of health care, Social Security, jobs, the war in Iraq and national security are key concerns in the 4th District, which snakes along the Ohio River from West Virginia to near Louisville and includes all of Northern Kentucky.

Davis, a manufacturing technology consultant, went to West Point, was a helicopter flight commander and directed Army aviation operations for a peacekeeping mission between Israel and Egypt. He is well informed on military issues, and wants to increase the number of active-duty military by 100,000 troops, pointing out the burden that has been placed on reserve units in Iraq and elsewhere.

Davis believes making Bush's tax cuts permanent will provide a long-term stimulus for the economy.

To help reduce health-care costs, Davis said he would push for meaningful liability reform and promote a system in which small businesses can join together to purchase health insurance for their employees at a better rate.

While Davis said he does not favor privatizing the Social Security Trust Fund, which could be insolvent in a generation, he said he is in favor of a bipartisan, binding commission to de-politicize the issue and come up with some solutions to save Social Security.

To Clooney's credit, he has supported Bush's tax cut and in TV ads has taken conservative stands on social issues, but Davis is the more credible choice for the citizens of the 4th Congressional district.

Geoff Davis for U.S. House seat
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