Thursday, October 28, 2004

Letters to the editor

Fire Frailey, but support school levy

Your editorial "CPS levy: 'No' for stalled progress" (Oct.24) correctly identifies problems with Cincinnati Public Schools, including Superintendent Alton Frailey's failure of leadership and poor administrative performance and a "dysfunctional" board of education. You also state that a levy failure would hurt the 38,000 children in the CPS system and would compromise "some of the district's best steps" to achieve improvement.

Why not follow your facts to a different set of conclusions, which more directly address the points you make? (1) Frailey should be fired. (2) At least some members of the board of education should be replaced. (3) The levy should be passed, to support the district's steps toward continued improvement.

Nancy Johnson Clifton

Gays have same rights as all others

Regarding the letter "Supporting Article XII lessens Shuttlesworth" (Oct. 20), I have three simple questions: What company fired anyone you know because they are gay? What restaurant asked them to leave because they are gay? Who denied them housing because they are gay?

We are told these things constantly happen to homosexuals in Cincinnati because of Article XII. Yet, when asked to name a company, restaurant or landlord, we find that homosexuals are anxious about what they perceive might happen, not what actually has.

If you are fired, asked to leave a restaurant, or denied housing because you are gay, you have the right to pursue legal action. Homosexuals are protected by the same laws as everyone else in this country. Article XII does not deny anyone rights. It simply does not provide gay individuals rights beyond those already granted to every citizen. Vote no on Issue 3.

Anna Bryan

City law prohibits protecting gays

Regarding the full-page ads by Hamilton County Commissioner Phil Heimlich opposing Issue 3: In most of our country, particularly Cincinnati, there is no such thing as equal rights for homosexuals. To receive equal rights there must first be a level playing field. A level playing field is not one where the city is prohibited from protecting, through legislation, any part of its citizenry, particularly those who are considered to be abnormal and are weather vanes for secular and religious scorn. I wonder how long heterosexuals would put up with this kind of equality.

Mark Saul Mount Auburn

One reason for Delta's troubles

Quite a few years ago my wife and I wanted to have a round trip to JFK on Delta for a return trip in 90 days. I found out that their nonstop rates for that were more than $1,100 per person - this was from Cincinnati. I found out later that any round trip of more than 30 days was a real gouge. We were on our yearly trip to Helsinki, Finland. How did they have the gall to charge that kind of money where the round-trip fare for less than 30 days was about $220 per person? We wound up taking Continental.

William G. Mullinnix Georgetown

Social Security is fair deal for most

In the letter "Social Security not great deal for most" (Oct. 26), the writer's criticism of Social Security is based upon false assumptions. First, the employee's share of the federal payroll deduction is only 7.65 percent of his gross earnings, not 13 percent. Second, Social Security deductions are made only on the first $70,000 (approximate) in earnings. Third, it takes roughly 4.7 to 8.8 years, depending upon the level of income, not 15 years, for an individual employee to recover his share of Social Security contributions, with interest.

Considering that employees can receive Social Security benefits at 62, the writer is wrong. Social Security is a good deal for most.

Bill Gallagher Hyde Park

Beggars tarnish Bengals experience

On Monday my wife and I took my 11-month-old son to the Bengals game. We had a wonderful time, the city looked great and the atmosphere was second to none. But as we left the game we got bombarded by the panhandlers. It is a shame that you can't even walk to your car without somebody asking you for money because you smile at them or return a hello. Although we had a great time at the game, the walk back to the car had left us feeling sad and upset at the same time. I hope the next time I take my family to a game this doesn't happen again.

Jason Freshwater Dayton, Ohio

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