Thursday, October 28, 2004

What you say: On the election

I was so pleased to see the Enquirer's endorsement of President Bush. I can't imagine anyone in this area voting for Sen. John Kerry, especially if they ever listen to WLW. My feeling is that we should ignore every other issue that the Democrats lean on, and support Bush because of his stand on abortions and same-sex marriages. God did not create Adam and Adam, or Eve and Eve. And giving homosexuals "special rights" makes no more sense than giving me "special rights" because I chose to have sex with only my husband.

Thus, your stand that "Article XII should be repealed," even though you state clearly that it is not an "anti-gay" law, doesn't make sense. You even state that the city does not discriminate against gays. And that is where the issue should stop. People who stay away because they are gay are only looking for sympathy/attention.

Elsie Lackey, Taylor Mill

The logic of the Enquirer endorsing President Bush escapes me. Point by point:

1. Terrorism: Bush took his focus away from the man who attacked us to try to deal with an "easier" target of Saddam Hussein. No weapons of mass destruction. No link to 9/11. The sanctions and inspections had worked, as several allies pointed out. At a cost of more than 1,000 American lives and tens of billions, a bad decision was recklessly and quickly made, and we will be paying for decades.

2. The economy. After running his oil business into the ground, the flawed plan of tax cuts without spending cuts (Bush has yet to veto a spending plan) has created record deficits. And you advocate staying the course?

3. Homeland security. Underfunded in vulnerable areas, yet we have lost civil liberties thanks to Attorney General John Ashcroft. We are not safer; we are isolated, and hated even more due to our Iraq invasion.

4. Education. Again underfunded, until our underachieving president realized that in an election year, he might be held accountable.

Janice Hall, Blue Ash

Say what they will, twist it as they can, the Republicans cannot deny that Sen. John Kerry served honorably in Vietnam, which President Bush did not. Kerry has a plan to preserve Social Security while Bush does not.

Kerry is in favor of allowing the importation of prescription drugs from Canada while Bush is not. Kerry will protect the freedoms upon which our country is based while Bush is willing to sacrifice them in the name of fighting terrorism. Kerry will keep our country strong and safe by pursuing terrorists no matter which country they come from. Bush thinks they are all in Iraq. Kerry presents his views with thought and judgment. Bush uses misleading statistics and biased arguments.

Sally Miller, Finneytown

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