Thursday, October 28, 2004

No consensus on next to get the boot

'The Apprentice 2' panel

By Lauren Bishop
Enquirer staff writer

The Apprentice 2 went to the dogs last week as both teams tried to make money off Central Park-ers' canine companions. Donald Trump fired Stacy R. after saying she complained too much and didn't effectively sell her ideas to the rest of Team Mosaic. Tonight (9 p.m. Channels 5, 2), the teams must create a recruitment campaign for the New York Police Department, and our Apprentice panelists think they know who has this task locked up.

Aaron Baba, 42, Reading: The recent task, dog service business, revealed several unique qualities of some of the contestants: That Raj is smart, witty and funny; that Kevin has animal magnetism; and that Jennifer M. leads by example. I expect these individuals to last a little longer on the show. Because of Kelly's background in the military, I will give advantage to the Mosaic team on this week's task. After many close calls, Ivana and Elizabeth of the Apex team may not be far from being kicked off the show. However, a loss by the Mosaic team on this task would send Andy off the show.

Doug Browning, 35, Anderson Township: The dog task in Central Park lacked creativity. Fortunately, a good person was not fired for this ridiculous task. It would have been a shame to see Jennifer go for something that stupid. Wes made a critical mistake that could haunt him in the future. Rather than trade Andy, he opted to keep him on his team, which is fine. Then in the boardroom, while trying to save himself, Wes made comments as to how much a problem Andy has been week after week. I thought Trump would have fired him for that mistake. The only thing that saved him was Stacy R.

Brooke Goode, 34, Milford: What a fun project. I was sad to see Stacy go. I thought she was a great candidate. However, I agree with Trump; she is not a salesperson. Whoever earns the apprenticeship must have sales skills. I think the team changes set all the players back on their heels. I was nervous to see Wes in the boardroom. He took the heat very well, however. I think this week we're going to see Chris, Elizabeth or Sandy go.

Nicole McWhorter, 30, Clifton: I would like to thank all of the team members that saw the need to get rid of the weakest link, Stacy R. Then I would like to put in a special request: Please get rid of Raj and leave Andy alone. Why are they so determined on getting rid of the young man? If I had to choose the winner at this point, I would give my vote to Kelly. I think that the task was a little weird, but fortunately for the show Stacy R. was fed to the dogs. Go Mosaic.

Lauren Bishop

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