Sunday, October 31, 2004

Look Who's Talking

Mugging for the presidency

S. Allen Dohan

Who's going to win the presidential election Tuesday?

S. Allen Dohan says he knows.

That's because Dohan, owner of Allen Co. in Blanchester, has been a leading producer of Bush-Cheney '04 and Kerry-Edwards '04 ceramic coffee mugs for months. And sales figures don't lie, Dohan says.

The 36 employees of the Allen Co., in business since 1959, make hundreds of thousands of promotional products each year with their Color Craft image-transfer process.

It's cool stuff - disappearing-ink coffee mugs that change colors when filled with hot liquid, sport bottles with four-color college logos, stemware and stainless-steel shot glasses embellished with organization names.

And don't forget the hottest item: Spinner Beads©. Those are little soccer balls, basketballs, bobbleheads or any one of 200 other spinning doo-dads that are attached to a beverage mug or key chain.

The nationally known company has won 30 Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators awards over the last decade. Dohan, 63, talked last week about his business and that crystal-ball election call.

YOU'VE BEEN PRODUCING Bush/Cheney and Kerry/Edwards coffee mugs recently ... Who ordered them?

It's all through two different distributors (linked with each campaign) ... They buy in bulk.

SO WHAT'S THE sales tally today?

Bush leads Kerry (in coffee mugs sold) ... by quite a lot. Bush is 22,000. Kerry is at 9,000.

ARE KERRY SUPPORTERS just not coffee drinkers?

I'd say coffee drinkers are making their mark by Bush's lead. Interestingly, in the 2000 election we found that the candidate we produced the most mugs for (Bush) won.

ARE THEY THE same kind of mugs?

Both are using ceramic mugs, made in the USA with an eagle on the bottom. Bush/Cheney's is blue with a white and red imprint. Kerry is using all-white with a red imprint.

HOW DOES RALPH Nader fit into this coffee mug election race?

(laughs) I will say we did a lot of Dennis Kucinich mugs ... well, no more than 1,000 or 2,000.

STARBUCKS OR GENERIC coffee - what's your preference?

Generic. But my daughter's always at Starbucks. Has to have her latte.

Annie-Laurie Blair

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