Sunday, October 31, 2004

Our choices for Tuesday


Here are the Enquirer's endorsements in selected races and ballot issues for Tuesday's election:


• George Bush (R)

U.S. Senate, Ohio

• George Voinovich (R)

U.S. Senate, Kentucky

• Jim Bunning (R)

U.S. House, Southwestern Ohio

• John Boehner (R)

• Steve Chabot (R)

• Rob Portman (R)

• Mike Turner (R)

U.S. House, Northern Kentucky

• Geoff Davis (R)

Ohio Senate

• 8th District: Jeannette Harrison (D)

• 14th District: Tom Niehaus (R)

Ohio House

• 28th District: Wayne Coates (D)

• 29th District: Joe Wolterman (D)

• 30th District: Bill Seitz (R)

• 31st District: Steve Driehaus (D)

• 33rd District: Tyrone Yates (D)

• 34th District: Glen Miller (D)

• 35th District: Michelle Schneider (R)

• 88th District: Cy Richardson (D)

Ohio Supreme Court

• Thomas Moyer (R)

• Terrence O'Donnell (R)

• Paul Pfeifer (R)

• Judith Ann Lanzinger (R)

Ohio Issue 1 (defining marriage)

• No

(Issue 1 would amend the Ohio Constitution to state that marriage can be only between one man and one woman, and that rights of married people could not be accorded to other partnerships.)

Hamilton County Commission

• Todd Portune (D)

• Mike DeWine (R)

Hamilton County prosecutor

• Fanon Rucker (D)

Hamilton County treasurer

• Robert Goering (R)

Hamilton County recorder

• Rebecca Prem Groppe (R)

Hamilton County coroner

• Dr. O'dell Owens (D)

Cincinnati Issue 3 (Article XII repeal)

• Yes

(To repeal Article XII of the Cincinnati City Charter, which prohibits designating gay men and lesbians a protected class.)

Cincinnati Issue 4 (property taxes)

• No

(To phase out city property taxes over the next 10 years.)

Cincinnati Issue 32 (Cincinnati Public Schools)

• No

(To renew the 6-mill levy, first passed by voters in 1980, that would raise $35 million a year for Cincinnati Public Schools.)

Hamilton County Issue 43 (Drake Center)

• Yes

(To raise $80 million over five years, $68 million of it to fund the Drake Center, a long-term acute-care hospital.)

Hamilton County Issue 44 (MRDD)

• Yes

(To raise $338 million over five years to fund the Hamilton County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.)

Kentucky Senate

• 17th District: Damon Thayer (R)

• 23rd District: Jack Westwood (R)

Kentucky House

• 61st District: Royce Adams (D)

• 67th District: Mark Hayden (R)

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