Sunday, October 31, 2004

Soldier's wife says support George Bush

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I feel the urgent need to express my opinion and my concern regarding the up-coming election from the viewpoint of a military family who has been directly affected by the war in Iraq, and the decision our President made, to go to war.

My husband is Staff Sgt. Paul Brondhaver. He is a member of the 216th Engineer Battalion Ohio Army National Guard, based out of Felicity and Hamilton. He received orders to serve an 18-month tour of duty in Iraq in November 2003. We said our goodbyes with Paul on Jan. 4, 2004. I have to say it was probably the worst experience we had ever lived through. It felt as if he were dying, because he was actually disappearing from our lives for such an extended length of time. We said goodbye, knowing it was the right thing for our country. President George W. Bush took a bold stand for safety and security to fight terrorism.

My husband was wounded in an enemy attack on July 7, 2004. An attack that almost took his life, and one that most definitely changed his life, and ultimately, the life of our family. By God's sweet grace, Paul's life was spared that day, but not after paying a price. He was hit with roughly 300 pieces of shrapnel from an RPG that landed at his feet, after it fatally wounded his buddy, Samuel Bowen, right next to him. He still suffers from physical and mental injuries, and probably will for the rest of his life. Though the worst injury he received that day, was not only the emotional heartache of losing a friend, but also having to leave a war that he believed in.

Soldiers make a sacrifice when they sign up to serve our country. It's a sacrifice they make, knowing the consequences of that signature. In saying all of this I want people to know, that most all military families stand behind this war, and our President who chose to fight it. If the soldiers and their families are so willing to support George W. Bush, why wouldn't the rest of America follow our lead? We are the ones who have sacrificed the most, nd yet we support him and his decision for war. We are hoping and praying for four more years, because our soldiers deserve a bold and honorable leader as their commander in chief.

Lisa Brondhaver
Anderson Township

Bush failed the test

The Enquirer's endorsement of President Bush (Oct. 24) claims he is consistent, but this president has reversed his position on nation-building, and the 9/11 Commission, while breaking his promise for a balanced budget.

By expressing what all Americans were feeling after 9/11, and declaring war on those responsible, Bush acted as any president would have. But he failed the test of leadership by ignoring previous threats, failing to follow up Clinton's intention to pursue Osama bin Laden after the U.S.S. Cole attack, rejecting a congressional committee's proposals for strengthening security, and setting aside issues of security and terrorism in favor of his own agenda.

Claiming that Kerry will fair no better at rebuilding alliances is false. Bush set a precedent by going to Iraq without strong multilateral support. Any new administration has better odds of success in diplomacy.

If you are not motivated to ensure the security and financial well-being of the majority of Americans, then Bush deserves your vote.

Joshua Lipps
Mount Orab

Court needs change

I disagree with the Enquirer's Supreme Court endorsements ("Keep incumbents on Supreme Court," Oct. 27). Far from bringing distinction and integrity to the court, Thomas Moyer (R) has brought disgrace. Moyer voted not to enforce the DeRolph School funding lawsuit. Imagine your child is attacked, the attacker convicted, but the judge releases the criminal and watches.

People are known by their friends. Your endorsed candidates received $1M in advertising from "Citizens For A Strong Ohio" who aren't citizens but instead insurance companies. You said the ads about doctors leaving Ohio are false ("Review of records shows rise in licenses," Oct. 10). Why the deceptions? What's their real agenda?

Elect fair and independent Justices: Nancy Fuerst (D), Ellen Connally (D), and William O'Neill (D).

John Gray
West Clermont

Repeal makes sense

The Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and Cincinnati Enquirer's call to repeal Article XII makes business sense.

We need to compete for our fair share of the highly sought-after convention industry. When our city loses convention business, the loss hits home for the long haul.

National associations typically select cities five to eight years out. Today, tomorrow, next month, board members will cast their votes for destinations into the year 2012. When an organization says no to Cincinnati millions of dollars are lost to the tax coffers and businesses of our competitors. These important revenues aren't recoverable.

In today's market competition means choice. The Cincinnati community recently infused $2 billion into our infrastructure. It's time we support our deepcapital investments. Many of our assets may bring a convention to Cincinnati. We know that in more than one case, a local ordinance did not.

Let's come together and open Cincinnati's economy for all people. Vote yes on Issue 3.

Lisa S. Haller
Mount Adams

Clooney over Davis

I am very concerned for the Fourth District of Kentucky. The recent tactics that the Davis campaign has used against Nick Clooney have just reinforced my belief that Clooney is the only man for this district.

When I was in high school at Villa Madonna Academy, both Geoff Davis and Ken Lucas were scheduled to speak to my senior government class. However, the original date had to be rescheduled, and the only possible date the two of them could make was the day after the election. How convenient it was that after Davis had lost the night before, he mysteriously couldn't make it and didn't come. Right there, the true personality of Davis came out. Now, Davis has spent his campaign condemning Clooney, for his son George, for his beliefs, name-calling, and distorting the truth, all the while using President Bush's agenda, not his own and certainly not the people of Kentucky's.

That shows what type of leadership he would bring to this district, and as far as I am concerned, we do not need his leadership. We need the leadership of a man who is honest, trustworthy, and devoted to standing up for common people, not Washington bureaucrats. That, ladies and gentlemen, is Nick Clooney, a true Kentuckian and the only man who can bring the Fourth District what they need.

Katie Henderson

Bolton has experience

Regarding the endorsement "Vote for Portune and DeWine" (Oct. 28): I wanted to note my surprise at how little was written about Eve Bolton. I thought some mention of her long record would be made. She has served as president of the College Hill Redevelopment Corporation and the Wyoming Education Association, Mount Healthy City Council member, and, of course, as Hamilton County recorder.

Frankly, to a suburban voter (like myself), this is the experience that counts. You are also mistaken in suggesting that Pat DeWine, who has no experience in county government, and who has no experience in the suburbs, would somehow be better for the entire county.

Bolton is clearly the only candidate that has this sort experience. In the future, please look more carefully at your candidate's records before you jump to conclusions. Bolton is the more experienced candidate.

David W. Cobey

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