Ghostly goings-on
Word has spread about the mysterious woman who lives in Pam and Doug Campbell's house in Waynesville. Repairmen leave the house shaking their heads, saying they feel as if someone is looking over their shoulder. Guests have been awakened by scolding voices.

Romania drives stake into Dracula's infamy
As part of a rigorous anti-aging regimen, the monster bathed in the blood of young virgins and shunned sunlight. Nearby villagers cowered behind locked doors.
Transylvania finds the good in the Vlad

What does a real witch think?
Tonight, parents will drop off dozens of costumed kids on Susan Hergert's street in Covedale to trick-or-treat. Oh, if they only knew.

'Napoleon' gathers cult army
The making of a movie cult is a slow-burn business; often its existence is invisible until it reaches critical mass. This year, however, a most unusual phenomenon is unfolding around a low-budget comedy about a desperately unhip high school kid with a knack for survival.
Cult flicks defy categorization

A voice for 'forbidden' music
Conductor James Conlon is one of America's biggest advocates for music silenced by the Nazi regime. Conlon will bring examples to Cincinnati of music banned and often destroyed by the Nazis in a program called Forbidden Music: Silenced Voices.

A different shape of home
Home Style: Open floor plans let homeowners step outside the box. The American house, for the most part, has been built on the box concept, with rectangular rooms, four walls and defined doors.

Fall Arts & Entertainment guide
This fall, the area's stages, galleries and screens will be filled with faces both fresh and familiar, classic and contemporary. We take you behind the scenes to preview exciting events in art, classical music, dance, film, pop/rock and theater, with profiles of rising and returning stars, highlights of events, calendars, etiquette and a guide to the season's bargains.
Advanced search of events
Local musician scores local film in 'Artworks'
Patrick Kelly is familiar to local jazz fans as a highly regarded pianist, leader of the PsychoAcoustic Orchestra and member of Latin X-posure, as well as an arranger and record producer. This year, he ventured into a new realm as composer of the score for Artworks, the feature by local writer/director Jim Amatulli that was shot entirely in Cincinnati and opened Thursday at the Mariemont Theatre.
Exhibit delves into making of art
Liner Notes: Processes in Creative Work at University of Cincinnati's DAAP through Nov. 24, is something that those who enjoy, but don't make, art rarely get to see: a fascinating show about the process of making art.
Local media
Random chicken dance, pumping politics and locals make good.

Insatiable shopper
Diane Naegel has been knitting her "rockin" knit scarves and accessories at home in her Clifton apartment. But maybe not for long. The word - or should we say message - is out.
Impetuous perfect place for picky pet owners
For those of you (like me) who have missed Impetuous in Oakley, there's great news. It's back - in a great new pet-friendly location on Wasson Road, just in time to celebrate the shop's fourth anniversary.
Pigall's diners rave in Zagat guide
Greater Cincinnatians like Jean-Robert at Pigall's. Really, really like it.

You can try to know a slave's life
It's five minutes into my life as a slave, and already I'm face down on the ground, eating grass and shouting, "I'm a field hand."

War puts 'Crucible' in another context
Fifty years after opening on Broadway, Arthur Miller's The Crucible still manages to touch our hot buttons. Set during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, at the time of its opening The Crucible was a thinly veiled allegory for the hysteria of the Communist witch hunt of the Cold War and the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings convened by Sen. Joseph McCarthy.
'Still Elements' flows with universe of ideas
In "Still Elements," Colleen McCarty has juggled earth, water, fire and air. The choreographer and founding artistic director of the new Moving Art Dance Company draws from the classic ballets of George Balanchine, while adding morphing yoga poses as performance art.

Moore, Stipe: Create 'new minority' on Tuesday
On Wednesday's stop of his 60-city "Slacker Tour" of college campuses in battleground states, filmmaker Michael Moore, joined by rockers R.E.M. (who played the Taft Theatre that night), urged a crowd of about 2,000 at the University of Cincinnati to get off the couch and vote, preferably for John Kerry.
Writing is creative outlet for Nora Roberts
If you did a double take, rest assured, that was superstar author Nora Roberts - more than 150 novels in 21 years - sitting in the Cincinnatian's Palace having breakfast last week and talking about how she got started writing.
C.F. Payne covers kids' books
Question: If Wheaties gets all the star jocks for its boxes, what does Cheerios get?
WUBE's Whyte hosts countdown
WUBE-FM (105.1) morning co-host Bill Whyte (he partners with Amanda Orlando) fills in this morning for the vacationing Bob Kingsley on American Country Countdown, an internationally syndicated, top 40 country music countdown with millions of listeners on more than 1,000 stations.
Carter could build on reality show stint
Remodeling expert Tim Carter thinks so little of reality TV that he's never even seen a full episode of any show. Except, of course, for The Mansion (10 a.m. Saturdays, TBS). He was one of the judges of the remodeling competition filmed in a 1924 mansion in Green Township. Interior designers Cassandra Dunson and Tom Stempfley were the other two judges.

Passport to Forever
According to Chinese proverb, there is "... an invisible red thread connecting those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance." The red thread served as theme for this year's "Passport to Forever" luncheon and fashion show, a benefit for the International Adoption Center of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.
Pearl Ball
The Hyatt Hotel provided a lovely venue for the Pearl Ball, a 30th anniversary celebration for the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra.
Jane Seymour events
The Design Consortium in O'Bryonville hosted a weekend of receptions and get-togethers featuring a chance to meet actress/artist Jane Seymour and to view an exhibition of her paintings.
Up next
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Join one of our new reader panels
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Get real advice from a regular guy
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