Friday, November 5, 2004

Press for new way to fund our schools

Letters to the editor

I would like to thank all who voted on the Fairfield School levy, for or against it doesn't matter. You voted, and that is being a true American.

Now that the levy has passed the fight is only half over. The other half of the battle is in Columbus.

Both groups (for and against tax levies) need to contact the Ohio Board of Education. Tell them you're sick of property taxes funding the schools and they need to find another way to fund schools.

If they don't hear from us, then they will do nothing.

Randy Bernhardt Fairfield Township

If you oppose a levy, don't complain

It's a shame that most of the school levies failed. I agree that districts need to be fiscally responsible, but when parents complain about the declining quality of their children's education, overcrowded classrooms and a lack of busing and then vote against a levy, you have only yourselves to blame.

Being the husband and son to teachers, I know firsthand how hard these folks work, and they will always have my deepest respect. In the end, it is our children, the future leaders of our nation, that will suffer the most. Keep that in mind the next time your child's district puts a levy on the ballot.

Ellery Savage Jr. Mason

U.S. moving toward one-belief nation

With the re-election of President Bush, Republican control of Congress, the passage of state amendments banning gay marriage, likely right-wing appointments to the Supreme Court, and the veritable lock the religious right has on our country, why not change the USA to the Conservative Christian States of America?

We certainly aren't united, and it's obvious only Christians are welcome or worth protecting with our laws. We're only steps away from being a theocracy, much like Afghanistan under the Taliban.

Jim Obergefell North Avondale

Sad celebs help make victory sweeter

A short list of those devastated by the 2004 presidential election results: Michael Moore, George Soros, Barbra Striesand, Dan Rather, Bruce Springsteen, Rosie O'Donnell and that chubby little Dixie Chick.

Life is beautiful.

Eric Gunderson Pleasant Ridge

Re-electing Bush invites more troubles

It is a really sad day when the country is willing to pick a man who has run our country into a debt so high that it makes my head spin, a man who has no qualms about sending our jobs out of the country, and would never even think to send his own children overseas to fight a battle that has no backing by our allies.

So, keep something in mind: When you are unable to afford your prescriptions, when your child's after-school program has been cut, when you lose your job to overseas labor, and when there is less visibility of police and firefighters in your community, you can thank the man you put in the Oval Office for the next four years.

Amy Siebe Burlington

Though imperfect, vote system works

As an observer ("poll watcher") inside a polling place on Election Day, I saw poll workers who helped voters locate their proper precincts and voters who took their decision-making role very seriously. I noticed a worker check each ballot for hanging chads before dropping the ballot into the box. I met a volunteer from New York who asked each person leaving the precinct whether he or she had any problem voting. Of course, there were moments when voters were annoyed with inadequate parking and long lines, and moments when poll workers were overwhelmed. After my day of observing, I feel more strongly than ever that, although our voting system is imperfect, we can trust the process.

Marilyn J. Maag Pleasant Ridge

One good casualty: Teens drop TV

I've been reading editorials for the past couple of days, and there is one thing that has not been said. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the elections, especially those responsible for campaign spending for accomplishing something that I have been unable to do for the past 10 years. Almost three weeks ago, my two teenage sons got so sick of watching the endless political commercials that they actually turned off the TV.

One of these days my sons will wake up and realize that it's all over, but until then, thanks.

Greg Kissel Anderson Township

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