Sunday, November 7, 2004

Letters to the editor

Local politics affects our lives the most

Fellow citizens: Your situation will not change much, regardless of the president elected. Look at it this way: The Senate and House of Representatives behave independently of any president. They control your taxes, rights, Social Security, roads and money directed to your state. You elect them, so they act and enact laws you want (you hope). Presidential vetoes are rare.

Politics occurs locally. That is why you have a right to vote nearby and easily. The local elected officials raise/lower your largest taxes, city benefits and rights.

Do not be concerned that President Bush will harm or help your position in life.

Blake Baird



Winning was the easy part for Bush

President Bush, upon being reinstated to the White House after Sen. John Kerry conceded the race to him, proclaimed, "America has spoken." That's right. Nearly half the country voted against him.

Winning the election was the easy part for Bush. The hardest part, uniting the country, as he claims he will do, lies ahead. Bush promised to do the same back in 2001, and he failed to do so. If anything, the nation became more polarized than before. The prospect of him doing so is dim, and his second term in office will be tumultuous at best.

Rick Zabel



Visiting Iraqis awed by U.S. voting

I was privileged to have been involved as a volunteer in the president's re-election campaign for the past several months in Butler County.

On Monday, while working the phone banks at GOP headquarters in Butler County, we had a visit by a State Department-led group of foreign visitors. Included in the group were five or six Iraqi nationals. When we explained to them what we were doing, they came over to all of the volunteers, profusely thanking us for what we were doing. A number of them said that we had sent them a "savior" and that they prayed for our country and our people. When they left, many hugs and handshakes were exchanged.

I'm not one that is prone to outward displays of emotion, but this was a genuinely moving experience and a perspective that we don't usually get from the American media.

Bill Lack

Liberty Township


Three Rivers school levy loss hurts kids

The Three Rivers school levy failed. I'm angry. I'm angry because this hurts our children and our community.

Barbara Cannon

Miami Heights


No to fear, bigotry; embrace diversity

So our country's decided to elect someone who panders to a group of religious extremists in order to fight religious extremists. I have so much fear for our country. I pray that we survive the next four years without yielding to fear and bigotry, while celebrating our diverse backgrounds.

Michele Wright

Fort Thomas


How far will national debt go up now?

Amidst all the post-election celebration was a short article on Page A2 that should be sobering: "Treasury says we're about to reach ceiling" (Nov. 4). The last paragraph mentions a debt ceiling of $7.384 trillion. Another sobering fact: What will the debt be in 2008?

Jim Akin

Blue Ash


America must get back on two feet

On Tuesday President Bush's fears won out over Sen. John Kerry's hopes. But rather than curse the darkness, we can light a candle. Here is my suggestion: Walk over to your local library and check out a copy of the soundtrack to Life Is Beautiful, with music by Nicola Piovani. Go home, put it on, and let the music inspire you to dance again. Dance with your children, your wife, alone, or with your partner. Just do it. And while you're dancing and breathing again remember this - other countries have survived worst times than these. We shall overcome, too.

People can shoot themselves in the foot only so many times before they're left without a foot to stand on. My hope is that after another four years of President Bush, Republicans will finally accept responsibility for the consequences of their own policies and stop blaming former Presidents Clinton and Carter. Perhaps then the pendulum will swing back to the center, if not to the left. It's easier to dance when you have two feet.

Greg Hladky


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