Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Racist fliers show up in Taylor Mill

Hate tracts stuffed in newspapers

By Brenna R. Kelly
and Cindy Schroeder
Enquirer staff writers

TAYLOR MILL - Some residents in this Kenton County community found racist and anti-Semitic fliers in their driveways Tuesday morning.

"Between the police and the administration department, we've probably gotten 10 to 12 complaints about the fliers," said Taylor Mill Administrator Jill Bailey.

"We think various streets throughout the Mill Valley Subdivision may have gotten them."

City Attorney Frank Wichmann told Taylor Mill officials that the fliers are protected from governmental interference under the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech.

"It's hard to believe that that kind of sentiment is out there in this day and age," Bailey said.

"But there's nothing we can do about it.

If people ask us for advice, I would just tell them to pitch (the flier)."

In at least one case, the fliers were tucked inside a plastic bag containing a Kentucky Enquirer.

Tuesday morning, Bill Scroggins's wife found the fliers rolled up inside the newspaper bag, he said.

"She practically screamed when she saw it," said Scroggins. The couple said they were shocked to see fliers claiming Israel is running the country's media and blaming African-Americans for crime.

Later, the couple noticed that the fliers, rolled up with rubber bands, were littering their neighbors' driveways along Mill Valley Drive.

The newspaper did not have anything to do with the flier, said Kentucky Enquirer General Manager Dennis Hetzel. However, the paper is concerned about the problem.

"We urge our subscribers to report this to the newspaper and the appropriate authorities if they receive such reprehensible literature," Hetzel said.

The fliers said they were from the National Alliance, and listed a phone number in West Virginia.

A message that greets callers from "William Pierce" explains that the National Alliance is a group working for the "long-term interest of people of European descent."

Pierce, the founder of National Alliance, one of the country's biggest neo-Nazi organizations, died in 2002.

Last year, similar fliers from National Alliance appeared in Union Township in Clermont County. Those fliers featured a picture of Osama bin Laden beside a picture of the burning World Trade Center and says, "Let's Stop Being Human Shields for Israel."

Since early 2001, similar fliers - mostly from the National Alliance - have been left in Westwood, Evendale, and Anderson and Green townships in Hamilton County; Liberty and West Chester townships in Butler County; and Fort Thomas and Alexandria in Northern Kentucky.

Enquirer home delivery manager Marc Wade said though there's nothing the paper can do prevent someone putting something in a paper after it's delivered, "If you see somebody messing with your papers, let us know."

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