Three parents answer questions about their families and their experiences. Hear their stories in their own words. (Requires Flash Player)
  Community awareness
Debbie Martin is the mother of an autistic son, Adam, and faces this decision: let her son go without care, or run up tens of thousands of dollars medical bills. She discusses the need for community understanding.  Listen to Debbie Martin >
  Biggest challenge
Melissa Hahn is the mother of Audrianna, a 6-year-old with extensive brain damage, epilepsy and a seizure condition. She canít walk or talk. Melissa talks about the biggest challenges facing her family.  Listen to Melissa Hahn >
  The financial strain
Barb Steele has spent tens of thousands of dollars to treat her adopted son Michael, whose medications cost $8,500 a month. She talks about the financial strain that has put on her family.
Listen to Barb Steele >