Flood of 1997
Quote from Hazel Godwin, Adams county Photo: Flooded home in Falmouth, Ky, the Tristate's hardest-hit town. Quote from Lucy Aulick, Falmouth, Ky

The Awe and The Agony
. The awe and the agony: Swollen waterways, sorrow caked in mud
. Day 1: 'That old rain's gettin' worser and worser'
. Day 2: Licking River Lashes Out: 'There is no Falmouth'
. Day 3: Floodwater makes itself at home, and leaves hundreds homeless
. Day 4: One home is a tomb; in another, the clock ticks on
. Day 5: Volunteers, vice president vow to make things whole
. Day 6: A short, sad journey home
. Day 7: Anger in the shelter, a hopeful sign on the street
. Day 8: If it's dirty (and what isn't?) then clean it
. Day 9: And on Sunday, believers sang and wept
. Day 10: So much to do, so many helping hands
. Day 11: Victims now eager for money to flow
. Day 12: River and its victims move on
. How you can help

Infamous Floods
. Rivers commanded respect
. Samuel Chase: Eyewitness in 1832
. Infamous Floods: A chronology
. 1937: 80-ft. flood left impact
. 1937: Photo gallery

How and Why
. Glaciers made cities safe from water
. Cincinnati spared storm's worst
. Graphic: Anatomy of the storm, (PDF, 215k), (JPEG, 257k)
. Graphic: Flood gates worked, (PDF, 88k), (JPEG, 105k)
. Graphic: River's rise and fall

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