Sunday, August 06, 2000

Money in, money out

Funding sources for the reconstructed Fort Washington Way:

Federal (12 percent)

• Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (Congestion Mitigation Air Quality funds): $14.5 million

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Money: where it came from, where it went
• Southern Ohio Regional Transit Authority: $2 million

• Kentucky High Priority Funds: $9.4 million

• Kentucky Surface Transportation Program Funds: $5 million

• Ohio High Priority Funds: $8 million State of Ohio (54 percent)

• Fort Washington Way project: $80 million

• Third Street viaduct: $32 million

• Enhancements: $210,000

• Highway: $8 million

• Transit: $10 million

• Transportation of Regional Access: $39.4 million Additional funding (34 percent)

• City of Cincinnati: $50.2 million

• City of Cincinnati (State Infrastructure Bank loan): $20 million

• Hamilton County: $19.8 million

• Metropolitan Sewer District: $10.7 million

• Cincinnati Water Works: $3.9 million

• Private sponsors: $255,000

Total: $313.4 million

Estimated price tag for each element of Fort Washington Way:

• Main project (reconstruction of Interstate 71/U.S. 50, creation of a new Second Street, renovation of Third Street, five bridges for north-south downtown surface streets over the main highway, creation of new exits at each end of the trench): $146.9 million

• Reconstruction of Third Street Viaduct connecting the east end of I-71 with U.S. 50 and I-471: $31.3 million

• New floodwall: $16.3 million

• New sewer overflow relief system: $10.7 million

• Riverfront transit center under the new Second Street: $45.2 million

• New ramp from the east end of Second Street to Pete Rose Way and Broadway: $4.8 million

• Improved connection from I-75 south and U.S. 50 to the western end of Fort Washington Way: $7 million

• Ramp from Clay Wade Bailey Bridge to Second Street and improved connections between Taylor-Southgate Bridge and Pete Rose Way/Broadway: $14.8 million

• Additional lane from Third Street to I-75 south and ramp from Third Street to I-75 north (not to open for at least two years): $2.4 million

• Steel piles for potential decking over Fort Washington Way: $10 million

• Third Street water main replacement: $2.1 million

• Second Street water main replacement: $2 million (estimated)

• New Eggleston Avenue exit off I-71 south that will remain for at least two years after the project is complete: $5.9 million

• Maintaining access for Firstar Center and Cinergy Field: $5.4 million

• Design costs and contingency funds: $8.6 million

Total: $313.4 million

Source: City of Cincinnati Transportation and Engineering Department