Sunday, August 06, 2000

FWW: Opening dates

        Opening dates for Fort Washington Way and related projects:

Aug. 14 (5 a.m.)

        • Both sides of mainline highway open (three lanes westbound, two lanes eastbound).

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        • Third Street changes direction from west-to-east to east-to-west.

        • Elm Street bridge across highway opens to pedestrians.

        • Ramp from Columbia Parkway (U.S. 50) west to Fort Washington Way west reopens

        • Ramp from Columbia Parkway west to Third Street reopens

        • Wide vehicle ban on highway lifted

        • Lane restrictions on northbound Brent Spence Bridge lifted

By Aug. 18

        • New Second Street, which runs west-to-east, from Elm to Vine

        • Bridges spanning highway and connecting Elm, Race and Vine streets to Second Street

        • Ramp from I-75 south and U.S. 50 east to Second Street

        • Ramp from I-71/75 north to Second Street

        • Ramp from Clay Wade Bailey Bridge south to Second Street

By end of August

        • Ramp from Third Street to I-75 south

        • Second Street from Vine to Main

        • Bridge spanning Fort Washington Way connecting Main Street to Second Street

        • Ramp connection from intersection of Second and Main to Pete Rose Way at Broadway

By end of September

        • Connection from Second Street to I-71 north.

By mid-October

        • Connections from Second Street to Columbia Parkway (U.S. 50 east)/I-471.

By end of year

        • Beautification along Second and Third streets

        • Ramp from I-471 north to Fort Washington Way west

        • All four lanes in both directions of Fort Washington Way

By end of 2001

        • Transit center under Second Street (partial)