Sunday, July 23, 2000

About the survey

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        To rate our 19 Cincinnati-area state legislators, we sent surveys to fellow General Assembly members, to the Statehouse press corps, and to lobbyists who deal with legislators.

        In all, 378 surveys were sent and 60 were returned, for a 16 percent response rate -- similar to legislator surveys in other states.

        Each person received a form that listed state legislators from the Cincinnati area and asked for a numerical rating of each lawmaker from 0 to 10 (10 being highest) in several categories:

        • Integrity: How well does this legislator stick to his or her principles? How honest and trustworthy is this legislator?

        • Intelligence: How bright and intellectually capable is this legislator?

        • Effectiveness: How good is this legislator at getting things done, in terms of skills, knowledge and power?

        • Energy: How hard-working, thorough and conscientious is this legislator?

        • Problem-solving: How effective is this legislator at finding viable solutions to political or legislative problems?

        • Potential: How capable is this legislator of rising to a political position of greater authority and prominence?

        The combined average of these categories determined a legislator's Overall score. Ratings for each legislator were compiled and averaged for each responding group, as well as for each category.

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