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Council objects, Cops out

By Jane Prendergast
The Cincinnati Enquirer

The television show Cops stopped filming in Cincinnati today after council members objected to what the show might depict.

Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher changed his mind Thursday about letting the Fox TV show crews continue to film, which they had started Tuesday.

Streicher's decision came after Wednesday's City Council meeting, during which council members Alicia Reece, Christopher Smitherman and Pat DeWine expressed concern about the filming, which they feared would portray the city poorly. Reece said a show that "sensationalizes" crime could hurt the city's ability to attract tourists and businesses.

They also said they were concerned city council was not consulted or were not able to provide input on Streicher's invitation to the show to film his officers.

City Manager Valerie Lemme said Streicher did confer with her and Mayor Charlie Luken about the show.

"The chief felt it would portray a positive image of what we do every day,'' Lemmie has said.

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