Enquirer News Update   -   Updated 6:40 p.m.

MU students hit the polls

By Kristen Muthig
Enquirer staff writer

OXFORD -- Miami students voted with their ballots this afternoon and many planned to vote with their feet and voices at the football game against Toledo this evening.

The Redhawks are hosting the Rockets in a 7:30 p.m. game that will be televised on ESPN2 for fans looking for a break from election returns. Redhawks football players said they planned to vote before getting ready for the game, and campus turnout was steady during the day as students lined up between classes.

"I feel it's appropriate with a controversial election for students to care about the vote," said Grant Reed, 20, a zoology major from Cleveland. "If it were going to be a landslide election, I would have less incentive to vote. Since it's so close, it really does matter."

Caily Hoban, 19, a business major from Arlington Heights, Ill., who had registered to vote in Ohio, said she was motivated and influenced by TV ads, her parents and her classmates to vote today.

The students were also encouraged to have a high turnout at the football game this evening in a letter from athletic director Brad Bates. Officials said presidential results could be posted on the stadium video screen at Yager Stadium, which seats 30,012 people.