Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Faces of Over-the-Rhine

Gallery owner
Suzanna Terrill

Main Street Gallery owner Suzanna Terrill in the window of her Over-the-Rhine gallery. At right is a painting by Carin Hebenstreit entitled "Family". Photo by Glenn Hartong
        April 10, 2001, was Main Street gallery owner Suzanna Terrill’s 61st birthday. She had planned a dinner down the street to celebrate. But escalating unrest prompted one of her guests to suggest moving the party to Kentucky. When Ms. Terrill returned home, almost all the windows on Main Street were broken and people were walking around in disbelief.

        ‘‘But from that day on we realized we didn’t want these things to happen again,’’ she says. ‘‘We were willing to talk about it and really understand what caused it.’’

        It’s partly this new level of dialogue that gives Ms. Terrill hope. A sophisticated woman with short-cropped hair, she is serene and energetic and deeply dedicated to the neighborhood where she lives and works.

        ‘‘I get so discouraged when clients tell me they’re not coming down; they’re afraid,’’ she says. ‘‘I have a daughter-in-law who won’t even let my grandchildren come down to the gallery. . . . They were allowed to come yesterday for the first time since the riots. I thought about moving, but I love living downtown.’’

        Although her clients complain about panhandlers, 10-year-olds hurling frozen eggs are a thing of the past, and programs such as Impact Over-the-Rhine, a nonprofit helping at-risk kids, have made a difference.

        ‘‘It isn’t 100 percent, but I think it is better.’’ She thinks she’s better, too.

        ‘‘I’ve become street-smart,’’ she says. ‘‘I think that’s important to understanding the problems down here. If I were living in the suburbs, where everything seems so perfect and everything’s so easy — well, things aren’t easy down here. But it’s fun and it’s a growing experience and you learn about mankind.’’

— Marilyn Bauer

Faces of Over-the-Rhine
Restaurant owner Paul Sebring
Taft senior Darrel Shields
Social worker Angela Coleman
Sarah Center director Sister Jeanette Buehler
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School social worker Joe Wilmers
Rehabber Greg Badger
Medical student John Eckman
Treatment counselor Calvin W. Wooten
Photographer Jimmy Heath

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Restaurant owner
Taft senior
Social worker
Sarah Center director
Jordanian grocer
Gallery owner
Beauty shop supplier
Teacher's aide
Dock worker
Police officer
Soup kitchen manager
School social worker
Medical student
Treatment counselor

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